Around the Web — Cardboard Vehicles

Cardboard is one of our all-time favorite crafting materials because it’s super-cheap (if not free), and can be made into all sorts of amazing toys or play spaces for kids (or those of us who are kids-at-heart). Here are a few inspiring ideas from around the web to try for some great frugal imaginative travel fun this Summer!

Cardboard Train via OhDeeDoh


Cardboard Bulldozer via


Cardboard Airplane via


Cardboard Scooter via


Cardboard Rocket via


Cardboard Double Decker Bus via


What are you waiting for? Get some cardboard boxes and build some vehicles of your own! Where will your cardboard vehicles take you??

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    None of these will ever compare to my working cardboard dirigible.


  2. Wow, that bulldozer is pretty amazing! I love making things out of cardboard with my 3 year old, there is something just so satisfying about making something with your own hands and knowing that it is so much more fun then many of the toys in the stores.

  3. Great links Valerie. Our 5 year old is learning about space at school right now and I know she would think that rocket ship would be totally ‘awesome’.

  4. Why do I always come up with an idea for cardboard just after I had to throw a bunch out?

  5. I think I could manage that airplane – the question would be, would the children try to fly it off the deck?

  6. so cool. Thanks for all your awesomeness!

  7. Those are so cool – I realized how fun is to do cardboxes creations ever since we created a tractor for the children and they played with it for weeks. What a great inspiration you are AGAIN and AGAIN. Thanks

  8. This is such a great list. We have so many cardboard boxes lying around from our move. I really love the bulldozer but think that might just be a little too tricky for me. I think I could manage the airplane though 🙂

  9. They are all so awesome!

  10. Check out the cardboard pirate ship my husband made!

  11. wonderful! I’ll remember the cartboard train for Chiara’s birthday!!! She will love it!