Mandatory Picnic

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather lately! You know, the kind of weather when it feels like a crime to be spending any amount of time indoors?? Yeah, that kind.

As I was just about to do my usual boring reheat the leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch thing, I looked at Clara and said, “Forget this! Let’s go kidnap Daddy for a MANDATORY picnic!!” Which elicited a fantastic response, not unlike this one….

And just like that, we ditched the leftovers, grabbed a couple of sandwiches on the way to Mark’s office…..

….and whisked him away for his lunch hour to a nearby park for our very impromptu mandatory picnic lunch!!

An easy, simple way to make the day extra special!!

So much fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I didn’t know that you could kidnap a grown man!


  2. What a cute idea — bonus time for everyone in the family. We have already had lots of humidity down here. But Madison wants to go and have lunch with Daddy at his work — they have a great cafeteria with the general food areas, but also a Blimpies and Chic-Fil-A.

    • Yes, bonus time indeed! So grateful for sunny days!! 🙂 And Clara was talking about this little adventure ALL day long… so fun!!

  3. Such a great way to spend a lunch hour. And I lover Jimmy John’s – their beach club is the best 😉

  4. We do that to my husband all the time. He works at Notre Dame which is a beautiful campus. The kids like to go on nature hunts while we picnic!

  5. Send some of your weather our way!

  6. I second Christy’s request!

  7. I’m inspired!

  8. I love LOVE summer weather!

  9. I wish someone came and kidnapped me once in a while!

  10. Well, we were spontaneous yesterday, taking a picnic lunch to the beach…unfortunately, it was 49 degrees and windy at the time. Still fun, but we didn’t last long. Looking forward to sunny days someday.

  11. I just discover your blog, and I am in love!!!! I am a Spanish teacher for a preschool /daycare. Have you ever thought about doing some of your projects to teach Spanish??? I will like to borrow some of your ideas to introduce Spanish words in a fun way to my kiddos if that is ok with you 

  12. What a wonderful, spontaneous idea!