DIY Placemats from Shelf Liner

We can never seem to have enough placemats around here! These festive placemats can be used for virtually any occasion, but with Memorial Day and 4th of July approaching, I went with red, white, and blue! To make your own, you’ll need a roll of vinyl (non-adhesive) shelf liner, some ribbon and a hole punch — that’s it!!

Unroll your shelf liner and cut to size. My roll was 20″ wide, which worked out well since most placemats are around 18″ wide. I used an older placemat as a pattern/guide because I’m too lazy to measure.


Next, use the hole punch to make evenly-spaced holes around the border of your placemat. Mine were around 2-2 1/2 inches apart, no need to measure, just eyeball it. I promise the Craft Police won’t come knocking on your door!

Optional — If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, use decorative scissors around the border of your placemat, since decorative scissors are so much fun to use! Yay!!


Lastly, thread ribbon of your choice around the border, and tie a bow at one corner. Instant placemat!!


What I love about these placemats is that they can easily be wiped clean, and the ribbon can be changed out to match any color scheme, making them super-versatile!! I love that they can be used over and over again!

Quick, easy, festive, and frugal!

Have fun!!


  1. Okay that is suuuuuper cute. It looks so classy, unlike many homemade items. Love!

  2. So smart! My mother-in-law would totally love this, I’m going to have to send it to her!

  3. Very nice! I think I’ve even got some of that type of shelf liner around here somewhere πŸ™‚

  4. …and when you’re done with them, you can easily store them on the, well, shelf! :0)

  5. Super cute! Love the little bow =)

  6. Jennifer says

    I think all of these project ideas with contact paper and shelf liner are neat – but I’ve started wondering about the vinyl (PVC?) Any concerns about having children touching, and in this case, possibly eating off it? How do you decide whether it’s safe enough to craft with when kids are involved? (and of course, I have contact paper and tissue paper “stained glass” made by my toddler in my window right now!)

  7. I was just thinking yesterday that we could use new placemats… πŸ™‚

  8. I just came across your blog and this is GREAT! Your stuff is super cute!!

  9. Oh these look awesome! I can’t wait to try them out here! πŸ™‚ I have lots of ribbon just need some shelf paper. Maybe by doing a few of these crafts my son will develop an interest in crafts. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Very clever! I featured this on my Inspiration Friday post…