Crafting with Kids Book – Review and Giveaway

When the lovely and talented Jennifer Casa contacted me to see if I would like to do a review of her fabulous new book, she had me at “hello”! Also?? Β Would I like to host a giveaway for one lucky reader to win an autographed copy?? Umm.. yes, please!!

Crafting with Kids is part of the Teach Yourself VISUALLY(TM) series, and it’s chock full of amazingly inspiring projects — each with clear, easy to follow instructions and plenty of photos to help guide you through. You may know Jennifer through her well-loved blog, JCasa Handmade (Love!!).

Emily and I had a difficult time picking a project to do because they are SO MANY we want to try!! For the purposes of this review, we chose the Patchwork Lanterns and were able to use items we already had on-hand — added bonus! I especially loved how each project gave a time estimate (very handy), and listed exactly what materials were needed. Plus, each step of the process has a color photo, so you can easily see how it is done.


As soon as we had our materials ready, Emily was super-happy to get started!! We had lots of colorful fabric scraps to make our patchwork lanterns!


…and I think they help brighten up our craft studio, don’t you??Β We have big plans to do many of the other creative projects in this book too!!


Now the fun part — One very lucky Frugal Family Fun Blog reader will win an autographed copy of Teach Yourself VISUALLY(TM) Crafting with Kids by Jennifer Casa!! To enter for your chance to win, just leave a comment on this post telling us why YOU like to craft with the kiddos! Giveaway ends Saturday, June 4th @ 6:30pm EST and winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. This prize can be shipped world-wide!!

Good luck!!!


  1. Carol Pucu says

    I like to craft with the kiddos because I can watch them doing things that I didn’t imagine before.

  2. I just loving seeing the smiles on my girl’s faces when the see me get out our craft box!

  3. I love crafting with Kids because I love watching the room become more and more colourful as they create.

  4. Looks like fun! We cyber school at home so we do loves of crafts πŸ™‚

  5. I love to craft with my daughter because SHE loves it so much! It fun to see her get excited about creating and about what she has accomplished!

  6. I am artistically challenged! My kids love being creative so maybe this book will be just the thing to help me put a β€˜crafty’ grin on their faces… πŸ™‚

  7. I like to craft with kids because of the great conversations that happen while crafting!

  8. Oooohh I love crafting with my kids because, well crafting is awesome!
    My son is ridiculously creative and always wants to make something and has a grand vision in his head. I like to have a common goal so I know where he’s headed. Sometimes it’s hard to see the end product when the 4 year old is driving!

  9. Shannon C. says

    i love crafting with my daughter because its good quality time we do together, we love making things/gifts/masterpieces/etc and she amazes me with her artistic talents! [not at all biassed, by the way haha] thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I love to craft with the kids because it is a fun way to spend time together and we learn all kinds of skills by doing things with our hands.

  11. I like to craft with my kids because I want them to boost their creativity when the world likes to squash it.

  12. I love to craft with my little one because not only does it help him become and find who he is will be but helps him express himself and gives us wonderful memories together! Pick me I will definitely give this wonderful book it’s use and share with our friends during playdates!

  13. I’m an English teacher in Taiwan, responsible for sharing the English language and American culture with 40 little hooligans.

    I love to craft with my Taiwanese kiddos because it’s against the rules. *shhh!* The majority of my kids are in school from about 8:30 am – 9pm. No lie. When they come to English school, my boss prefers them to stay in their seats for lectures and drills.

    But we just close that door and I sneak in as many crafts and stories and songs and pretend play and movement as we can get away with. *My baby class still raves about your leaf pile idea that we tried out last October! Especially since piles of colored leaves to jump in are something they do not have in Taiwan.*

    I think I’m slowly winning the boss over a bit… she seems to turn a blind eye to most of our shenanigans now. πŸ™‚ The munchkins are learning English, so we’re both happy.

  14. I love doing crafts with my 3 littles (4 and twins, 2)because it gives us something fun to do all together AND they have a blast with the glue sticks and glitter! Always looking for fun new ideas so this book looks fab. Your blog is always a great resource for us, though! Thanks!

  15. I love to craft with the boys (twins of 3) because of their happy faces from the moment we start. The smiles go on for weeks every time we take a look at the result of a crafty-moment. I love it and they seem to love it too because they keep on asking for more and more πŸ™‚

    Valerie, thanks for your blog. It is really inspiring πŸ™‚

  16. I love crafting with my kiddos because they crave it.
    I am an artist and crafter and to us it is true ‘playtime’!

  17. I’m 7 years older than my sister, and used to love to play school with her when we were kids. I’d teach her whatever I was learning at the time, but I had a much longer attention span than she. So whenever she got tired of playing school and I hadn’t, I deemed it “time for art class” and would do crafts with her. I really look forward to being able to do the same with her son – my nephew!

  18. I am an Art Therapist and I work at after school care, since I have not yet been blessed with children of my own I pour all of my crafting-mania onto the kids at the after school care. They love crafting and I do my best to write them tutorials, illustrated with pictures, so they can be more and more independent in some craft work. This book will be excellent – a perfect example of what I like for children to have as a guideline!
    It helps kids to be amazed, use their creativity and also get a sense of creative thinking ‘if the glue does not make this stick: what will’? They always find a solution!

  19. I love seeing what they can come up with on their own. It doesn’t matter how old (almost 4) or young (2) they are. I just love to see them create! The smile before, during, and after is enough to keep the crafts coming.

  20. Agnieszka says

    I love to craft with my daughters because I see how happy then they are.

  21. I love doing crafts with my 4 because it’s a satisfying way to play with them and meet them with all their ages and stages. I love what they create and the awe they have when I produce something that impresses them πŸ™‚

  22. I really like crafting with my daughter. I love to share our time together developing our creativity. But the thing I like the most is that it helps to keep her mind open. She thinks we can do everything she imagines!

  23. I love crafting with my son because he gets so happy to see his creations all over the apartment (oh and he loves being able to send them to his grandparents!).

  24. I love crafting with kids because they are so creative and you never no how it’s going to turn out! It’s an adventure every time!

  25. I love crafting with my kids for three reasons: 1. I am getting better and better at craft every day πŸ˜‰ 2. The kids feel such a sense of pride in their creations and 3. My girls just love it – it’s FUN!!

  26. the holly says

    ooooh…that would be a great summer book!

  27. I love watching my kids’ faces as they discover a new way of creating beauty!

  28. elyse kirschner says

    I love crafting with my daughter because it gives her time to learn through creativity. I am a teacher, so I value any crafts that lend themselves to learning through fun πŸ™‚

  29. melanie mclaughlin says

    I love to craft with my girls, we’ve had some real heart to heart conversation while crafting. Now that they are getting a little older, it’s one way to spend some quality time with them.

  30. Apart from the fun they have and creativity they are able to express I adore watching their faces as they say “Look what I made!!” Sheer excitement at realizing how clever and creative they actually are!

  31. my children and i love to craft to use our imaginations. i also like how it develops creativity and fine motor skills in my kids. plus, it’s something we do together!

  32. My son gets the biggest smile on his face when we do crafts! Plus, he learns so much better with hands on activites than with books.

  33. Because they LOVE it & because I know we’re building memories. (helps that they’re learning too πŸ˜‰

  34. i love to see my very proper and a bit compulsive son try new things and see that mistakes can be beautiful. Trying new things is so good for him.

  35. I like to craft with my kids because it gives me an excuse to get crafty- and messy!

  36. I’m not into games but craft is one thing I’m always in the mood for.

  37. I love crafting with my boys (4 and 2 years old) because someday they will be teenagers and won’t want to do these things with their mama! I hope that it is something that they will remember and carry with them forever. Thank you So much for this opportunity to win something that we can build memories on!

  38. My daughter loves to do crafts. This would be pure excitement for her.

  39. I love crafting with kids so much it is the basis for my enrichment summer school class – One Day Wonders! Many of our kids have never done open ended craft projects where all that is required is inspiration, imagination and some begged, borrowed or found matierials. It is a joy to watch what happens when you let them loose with duct tape, egg cartons, cereal boxes and feathers and say make something to wear! We are always looking for new ideas and directions for creative play.

  40. I love to craft and so does my daughter, there’s something very satisfying about finished craft projects!

  41. I love it because it teaches me to let go of my type-A tendencies and just have FUN with them — make a mess!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. Selfishly, one of the reasons that I like doing crafts with my kids is because I love doing them too. I enjoy being creative and if I didn’t have kids I don’t think I would get to create as much. I also like the time I spend with my kids while crafting.

    Thanks for the change,

  43. Crafting together is time well spent. When my children are crafting I know they are strengthening valuable skills and having a good time. Crafting with children broadens my own creativity-those kids are inspiring in their exploration and out of the box thinking.

  44. I like to craft with the kids because its simply put its fun πŸ™‚

  45. I like crafting with my kids (especially Little M) because my planned activity always turns into a kid guided adventure!

  46. Would love to win, my daughter and I go crafts almost daily. We love making it a learning experiment counting, colors, adding, etc. It becomes so much more than just crafts

  47. wow, i need this! i see the value and fun in crafting with my kids but I am so limited in this department, due to my own lack of know-how! it is constantly a source of guilt and squeamishness for me – really wanting to open my kids up to a whole new world of exploration and creativity and fun, but only really knowing my way with a crayon and coloring books! this would really help! thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I like to craft with my kids to see their creativity shine and to keep the boredoms and naughtiness away!

  49. I love to craft with kids because it is fun to be creative together and make something.

  50. I love crafting with my daughter. She’s 3 and has a wonderful imagination. Even a simple bird nesting ball becomes a fairy house to her. Through crafts, she develops fine motor skills, expands her imagination and shows me a new way to look at things.

  51. I love to craft with my girl as I get to know her so much more. Listening to her running monologue while she is busy creating tells me so much more about what is going on in her mind than any other activity does.

  52. I love to craft with my kiddos because a) I love to craft and b) I love to spend time with my kiddos. πŸ™‚

  53. Sarah PD says

    I love to craft with my kiddies because I like to see how proud they are of the things they create.

  54. Stephanie says

    I love crafting with my daughters because it opens up another opportunity for the big girls to help the little girls!

  55. Love crafting with the granddaughter, brings back many memories of crafting with her mom at the same age.

  56. I love crafting with my kids (one boy, one girl) because we all like creative activities. And, it’s fun to see how our projects have our own personal touch, even when we all do the same thing!

  57. I like to spend time with my little one because they won’t be small long and I feel like I need to bond now so later when she’s a teenager we can still be close or as close as you can possibly be with one that old πŸ˜‰

  58. I love the quality time! Those crafts look like so much fun!

  59. I just love the look on my daughter’s face when she first gets her hands into some paint!

  60. oh i love it . i love crafting with children as it give them self pride , exspression , creativity and they learn al kinds of new skills . thanks fun looks like a great book

  61. I like crafting with the kids because it allows us all to use our imagination. Plus, the kids are always proud of their creations and enjoy sharing them with others.

  62. Cortney B. says

    I like crafting with my kiddos because it’s fun!

  63. Thank you for this nice review and the chance to win a craft book! I love to craft with children because I become a child all over again and am as excited as they are about how we create wonderful things from ordinary items.

  64. Janelle L says

    I like to craft with my daughter because I find she teaches ME to think outside the box. πŸ™‚

  65. Julie S. says

    I like to do crafts with kids because you never know what they will create with a few simple items and their imaginations! They are always proud of the result, no matter what it looks like!

  66. I love to craft with my kids because their creativity makes them shine in ways just hanging out doesn’t allow! It’s fun to see what they come up with, and how they build on whatever idea I started with- they usually go in directions I never thought of. This book looks like a lot of fun!

  67. I love doing crafty activities with my kiddo’s. Its a lovely bonding experience for us and they learn so much without even realising it

  68. Hopefully someday I will have little grandbabies that I can craft with. This book looks wonderful!

  69. I love crafting with Sammy because it doesn’t have to turn out perfect. I let go of my perfectionism and just have fun!!

  70. I love spending time with my kids in something that holds our attention and so we are spending uninterruped time together.

  71. As a 2nd grade teacher (and former homeschooling mom), I love craft projects – it is such a wonderful time for creativity and fun. I have used many FFFB ideas…

  72. Jennifer S says

    I have so much fun crafting with my kiddos. It’s something we can all do together regardless of age, ability, ect – everyone just takes it at their own pace and the results are always amazing!

  73. I love crafting with the kids because they love it but also because I secretly experiment along with them realizing maybe I am a bit creative myself!

  74. i love crafting with kids firstly because they love it so much, but it also challenges me not to try to control their design and let them create on their own instead of what my idea entails!

  75. We homeschool and are always looking for fun ideas (reason I love your blog!) This would be great for some fun summer projects!!!

  76. Karen Mwins says

    I love crafting with my kiddos because I love spending time with them, I love seeing how they interpret things visually, and I love seeing their artistic side blossom.
    Thanks for the chance!

  77. I like to craft with the kids because it is a special time together. It allows for a lesson learned…and taught. Crafting lets kids explore materials they may not explore on their own, and most of all, it gives them a chance to be creative!

  78. I love to craft with my boys because it’s so fun to see how each of them create the same craft. We are always looking for new crafts to do! Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. I love love love to see the amazing things that children, my daughter in particular, come up with. They seem to be able to be so outside the box and I love that! And when they make something, have a completed project, they are soo proud of themselves! Such a self-esteem booster!

  80. I love crafting with my son (2.5yrs) because he always gets the biggest smile on his face. It has been amazing to see his progress in understanding directions and his imagination blossoming.

  81. Erin Zackey says

    fun! I love to craft with the kiddos to spend time together getting messy, working with our hands, and teaching various art skills. πŸ™‚

  82. I craft with my kids because I love seeing what they come up with. At 5, my oldest is already such a great artist. At times, I’m blown away. Both my children are constant inspiration to me and my own artistic pursuits.

  83. My kids love to craft! It is really fun when my just-two year old wakes up in the morning and says “craft time mommy!”. I have had to learn to let them do things their way, so we have all learned a lot!

  84. I love to craft with my kids because it is fun and they make such neat things!

  85. i love doing crafts with them to see how creative they get & how excited they are. Plus it entertains them for hours!

  86. I like to craft with my kids because I realize that kids both have fun and learn better through creating tangible products. crafting also encourages them for producing rather than consuming, which is a kind of addiction in this age.

  87. I am very creative. before kids, I always had some big project going on. Now, I use the craft time (usually daily) to get that creative spark out of me. If I’m not working on *something* I get really agitated!
    I’d love to win this book and have an entirely new set of crafts to draw from. Some of the ones we do now are getting stale. And looking online only brings on the thousands of tutorials out there – it’s an overload!
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

  88. Kimberly says

    I love crafting with the kids and I craft with the developmentally disabled adults I work with. Both groups take so much pride in the things they make.

  89. The amazing and inspiring aspect of crafting with kids for me is their freedom of spirit and creativity. You can give a whole group of kids the same supplies, and left to their own devices, they will all turn out wonderfully different. They always think of things I would never have thought of, and are unafraid to try to ideas and ways of doing things. I love seeing their joy at creating, watch their thinking and experimenting, and observe their development as artists and people. What could be better than being a part of helping children explore their world and themselves?

  90. Seeing their faces as they create something new, and usually, at my house at least, get really REALLY dirty while doing it!

  91. I love seeing what kids can come up with while crafting. They always have new ideas that I could never think of myself.

  92. Heather B. says

    They get so excited to be doing something new and usually a little messy! And they love showing Daddy when he comes home from work! I love seeing the pride on their faces!

  93. Nanny Judy says

    As a nanny, I am always looking for crafty things to do with my charges.

  94. I like to craft with my kids to see what they can do.

  95. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and always looking for inspiring and fun activities to round out our learning! Thanks for a great blog!

  96. I like to craft with daughter because it takes me out of my work life of PowerPoint presentation and Excel spreadsheets and moves me to a very different place. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  97. Because Rowan’s daddy is an artist and I love getting dirty craft’s have always been our thing and we are always on the lookout for something fun and different to do. Plus, I have 5 nephews (one more on the way) and a neice so the pay it foward aspect it HUGE! HUGS

  98. Stephanie says

    I’m a homeschooling mother of five and we’re extremely low income, so something like this would be both great fun and a plus for our art portion of schooling. I’m enjoying the blog too! (I made the doughnut shop for a birthday gift!

  99. I love to craft with my child b/c he learns and so do I (to be patient that is!). And it gives us something fun to do and he proudly shows off his products!

  100. I do a lot of crafting with my son (20 months) and my niece (6), and also in my job as a preschool teacher (I have a class of 4’s and a class of 2’s). I like crafting because it is a fun way to support development in so many areas – fine motor, pre-math, language, social and creativity.

  101. crafting opens up their little minds to create, problem solve and experiment! It my favorite part of my job as a preschool teacher!

  102. Cool Book! I love to create with my kids because they always inspire me. And besides they house if full of wonderfully colorful original are work…theirs of course!

  103. I love to craft with kids because it encourages creativity and it’s fun for everyone!

  104. my goddaughter is 6 years old and she’s a craft maven already! well, at least from what i hear… we only get to see her once a year when her family comes from scotland to stay with us for a week. i’d love to have this on hand when she comes this summer so we could do a project together, then send the book home with her to do more projects with her mom! love you audrey!

  105. I have to admit, I have a hard time crafting with my kiddo! I’m not good at interpreting the instructions. This book looks like it would be a great help!

  106. I love to craft with my kiddo because it means I can craft too. πŸ™‚ I like to do fun things that gets him involved because he isn’t as into them as much as me. This book looks like loads of fun!

  107. I love watching the development of their thoughts during a crafting project! First it starts out simple, but then they come up with their own creative ideas pulling from the world around them!

  108. With 3 very busy little boys and my own often hectic lifestyle; crafting slows us down and allows meaningful time together. By nature, the arts give us space in our busy days, and this space is important for all of us- adults and kiddies! I love the peace that crafting enables in my otherwise crazy home, and I know my little boys love that peace and togetherness too!

  109. Miss D is not quite old enough for craft activities yet, but I just can’t wait until she is. At the moment she loves colours, textures and shapes so I know that her imagination is going to run wild when we can sit down and create things together. We are going to have so much fun! Looks like this book will give us plenty of ideas of where to start!

  110. Some of my fondest memories as a child are doing crafts! I want to be able to create wonderful memories of crafting for my two little girls now. This book looks awesome!
    P.S. Love your site!

  111. I love crafting with my daughter because it encourages her to be creative, and it’s a fun activity to do together!

  112. We homeschool and I don’t want our kids missing out on anything. I love when they learn new abilities and are proud of their work. We make sure to craft every Monday!

  113. Michelle says

    I love to craft with my kids because it is a great way to develop their creativity and their fine motor skills and it provides learning opportunities for everything from learning colors and shapes to learning patterning and color mixing, all while having a lot of fun. I would love to win a copy of this book to enhance our crafting experiences.

  114. Jessica L says

    I love to crafy with my girls because it is one of their favorite “treats” to do with mommy. They love seeing what they can make and try to fit as much on a page as they can. We always have fun!

  115. I love crafting with my kids because they get so excited about creating new masterpieces. Spending time with them and watching their ideas come to life is such a gift. They can’t wait til Daddy gets home to share what they’ve made.

  116. Just love the time that my son and I spend together while crafting. We giggle and make so much mess and still enjoy whatever the outcome of the project turns out to be.

  117. My kids have so much fun!!!! Its hard not to enjoy it.

  118. I love crafting with my girls b/c it is so much fun for all 3 of us. No arguments, lots of creativity, they love arts and craft time. What a fabulous book!

  119. I would love to do these projects with my kids…I am running out of ideas and step by step instructions is just my style! Thanks:)

  120. I like to craft with my kids because they are really creative and thinking outside the box is a great skill to have later in life. Crafting is a fun way to stretch and exercise those skills. Besides I get some really beautiful things for our home! BONUS!

  121. I love to craft with my son to see him proud as he creates and generous when he offers his creations to the ones he loves!

  122. After a good craft, I love seeing the wide-eyed look of pride of their accomplishments on my kids’ faces.
    Plus, it keeps them busy πŸ™‚

  123. I like to craft with my kids because it gets their creative juices flowing and let’s them do what kids do best, think outside of the box. And we always have fun. πŸ™‚

  124. Antoinette Burk says

    I love sharing the experience of crafting with my kids, just like my mom shared with her kids, long ago. I enjoy seeing how clever and inspired their work is, and helping them to overcome small frustrations in a safe and forgiving home-fun environment.

  125. I love crafting with kids because I love to see the creative ideas they come up with, and I love the chats we have while crafting too!

  126. I love crafting with my son because he does things so differently from me and it’s a great way to spend time together.

  127. I love watching the creativity and joy of accomplishment my son experiences during crafttime. It’s also a great exercise for my own imagination which often seems repressed. πŸ™‚ It’s so fun to see him so proud of what he can do.

  128. AWESOME – love the lanterns! Thanks for the chance!

  129. Moriyah Shalom says

    I have three boys ages 3-7 and last year was the first year I started to really do crafts with them (besides the usual coloring, ect). I was inspired by your blog and even yesterday we did a whole garden of watercolor coffee filter flowers. I love to craft with them because it is so wonderful to see how thrilled they are with their work, their own ideas that flow from the activity and the quality chit chat time we have while we work together. Thank you for the opportunity!

  130. I love crafting with my kids because I never did this growing up. It’s just so fun to create things with almost endless possibilities. I feel like a child again. Shipping worldwide!? Woohoo!

  131. There is absolutely NO better way to fill my children’s joy cups than to sit down with them for some crafting – this book will be a wonderful asset in our home, thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  132. This looks like an amazing book that would help so much in our place. Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. My kids are very creative and it’s always fun to see what they can make. They would love this.

  134. I craft with my son because it’s fun and teaching him practical skills too. I love the memories we make.

  135. Children love doing hands-on crafts related to the themes they are learning. It makes me happy to see them being proud of their handy work. Learning becomes more meaningful!

  136. Crafts are a great way of letting my kids be kids. They get messy, show their creativity, and get to have some control over their own project outcome. It is a great way that I bond with them and helps to create memories that will last a lifetime. This book would give us lots of new ways to “craft” this summer!

  137. I love crafting with my little girl because it is a great way to spend time together and I love to see her pride at making something herself.

  138. This book looks awesome! My kids and I love to craft and are looking for some new ideas for the summer.

  139. I love crafting with my kids because we have fun and learn things at the same time, my son struggles with fine motors skills and concentration and crafts have been a wonderful way to help him while not making him feel like he is working.

  140. i love doing craft projects with my baby girls because it give us some time together.

  141. I love seeing the proud gleam in their eyes when they show what they have made. Such a simple way to boost confidence in a safe, fun environment.

  142. This looks like an awesome book! thanks for the review..and i would love to be apart of the giveaway!

  143. Crystal R says

    I love to watch them create but could really use the book for ideas since I’m “craft-challenged”!

  144. I love crafting with my daughter because it is so much fun watching her exercise her creativity and bringing in her own imagination and ideas into the project.

  145. I like to craft with the kiddos because the crafts and especially the kiddos teach me how important it is to stay young at heart!

  146. I love crafting with my daughter because she is so proud of her creations.

  147. I love crafting with kids because it not only helps them learn and be creative, but it is FUN! πŸ™‚

  148. I like to see how much fun the kids are having creating new things. πŸ™‚

  149. I enjoy crafting with my two little ones as it allows me to pass on skills I already know and learn new ones and I love the ideas that they come up with themselves, they always find a way to make something a bit more special or quirky πŸ™‚

  150. I love their enthusiasm, and how they can inspire more craft ideas!

  151. I love to do with crafts with my children for many reasons. I have three children ages 1, 2 and 5. I do have an idea of what we are going to make, and they do also. I love to see how they each start out making a project, and then in turn make a new project on their own. Sometimes they work together as a team and other times they work by themselves. I take great pride in hanging their artwork on the walls, as well as handing them out to our local nursing home. The children are happy as well to hand their work to someone else other than mommy. It is a very rewarding experience to watch them create, and then in turn provide some of their artwork to our community

  152. I love crafting with the kids because it makes them so happy and it gives me a little window into their minds as they create the most amazing things!

  153. I love to craft with the kiddos because it is fun to see the joy in their faces as they use their imaginations with each different craft. Then, to see how proud they are of what they made is so precious to see!

  154. It’s pretty simple for me: Love kids + Love Making things + Love sharing = Love crafting with kids! I’m just THRILLED that I found a job (youth services librarian in a small public library) where I can do these things all the time! My coworkers love to tease me about it when I’m running around showing off my latest mock-up of a project, or dashing to reserve a time in our community room! It’s so much fun having a project and then seeing what the kids do with their own creative energies!

  155. I love crafting with the kids because we have so much fun and they’re so proud of their creations. Crafting with the kids also reminds me that it’s all about the process, not necessarily the outcome!

  156. Jeannine Q says

    Awesome giveaway

  157. Mariah O says

    I like crafting with kids because its fun to watch their imaginations come alive as they create.

  158. My son is happiest when he’s doing some thing with his hands, and he loves getting messy. We live overseas and he loves sending his artwork to his grandparents. I am happy when he’s happy.

  159. I craft with my kids because they like it and I secretly really enjoy it too!

  160. I’m living in Turkey. Here too there is this kind of activities can be done with children of books and your block cheerfully doing what we’ve learned with my son. This gift would be super…

  161. I love the seeing th finished project that their little minds come up with~

  162. I love crafting with my daughter because I love seeing the satisfaction she has making things with her own hands. I am thrilled that she is happy to occupy her time creatively without video games / cartoons etc.

  163. i love to craft with my kids because all 3 of them are so crafty and creative and i love seeing them make new things. they absolutely love to craft, even my 2 year old. i would love to have a new crafting book to try some new ideas.

  164. Because it’s fun and keeps them busy for a while.

  165. I love to craft with my girl because it’s a skill she can take with her for the rest of her life. I think a lot of folk art and crafting has been lost for my generation. I want to be able to pass on what I know- and what I’m still learning. Plus this way she’ll never deny her own creativity.

  166. I love to craft with my boys, it’s a great way to teach numbers, letters, colors while having fun. Plus, it is a great way for me to learn to color OUTside the lines, wince.

  167. I love crafts with my kids because it forces me to spend focused time with them creating something with our minds and hands. I could definitely use some new ideas!

  168. Crafting is something I can continue to do with my kids as they get older, plus will be a great way to spend time together this summer when it’s too hot, muggy, and buggy to play outside.

  169. I love crafting with my kids to spend time together and expand their minds and creativity.

  170. I love crafting with my daughter because she has such an imagination and crafts make it come out in full force!

  171. I love crafting with my daughter because it allows her to use her imagination.

  172. I love to craft with my daughter because I love to watch her face light up when she makes you a “gift”, even when she then takes it and crumples it into a little ball (to wrap it of course), then gives it to you saying”happy day”

  173. I like to craft with my girls because it instills an appreciation of handmade goodness in them.

  174. Crafting with my littles forces me to slow down–love that!

  175. It’s so great to give them a creative outlet! My kids are really into writing books, drawing pictures and folding origami figures.

  176. I love seeing the happiness on their faces when they get to craft with mom!

  177. I love crafting with my kiddos because I can see how proud they are to have made something with their own hands, the same look I probably get on my face when I finish a knitting or sewing project.

  178. I love crafting with my kids because of the big smiles I get when they realize they’ve created something!

  179. I love to craft with my kids because the end result is usually not what you were expecting, it’s better! Their lack of inhibitions is really inspiring.

  180. OH WOW!! What a great book! I am a kindergarten teacher from Israel and I love crafting with the kids. I always need more great ideas for crafts.
    I also have 2 young ones of my own that just love to get there hands working


  181. What a wonderful thing crafting with kids is- not only is it sharing teaching time with the most lovable beings, it is showing frugality at its best. Everyone loves color and creativity, but we can’t all go out and buy it- and why should we? Making it is so much more rewarding.

  182. Great giveaway! Crafting with the kiddos allows me to do messy things and to see their imaginations at work!

  183. Oooh – fun! I love Jennifer’s blog. I love crafting and sharing it with my kids is extra bonus!

  184. Looks like a fabulous book! I love creating with my kids because I inevitably hear, “I love you Mommy!” while we’re working. It melts my heart!



  185. beth lehman says

    i’m so excited to find this blog! i like working together on a project – especially in the summer when we have time. i love making with them and watching them work and think through their work. i love that it slows us down! thanks for this chance!

  186. I love crafting with my daughter because I love seeing her figure out how she can make what she wants to make. When she wakes me up in the morning saying she wants to make a dog sculpture out of paper and glue…well, it might take both of us an hour or two to decide the best way to do it, but that is at least half the fun!

  187. Crafting is just about the best un-schooling there is! Learning disguised as creating, what’s not to love?!

  188. I love crafting with my kids because THEY love it!

  189. I love project-time with my daughter (and will with my son, too). Yes, I love how much fun she has, but I also love watching her work out how she wants to make things, the tools she chooses, how a project I planned comes out her way. She is deliberate in her choices, even if all the paints run together into mud. Somehow, that is the design she had in mind. It is interesting, enlightening, and satisfying to watch her work. (And have so much fun while she’s doing it πŸ™‚

  190. HeatherAnne says

    We LOVE crafting at our house. Would love to have this book.

  191. I like crafting with my kids because I get to see their creativity in action!

  192. I like crafting with my kids because of the joy on their faces while we do it…and it’s the best way to keep them away from the TV!

  193. I love crafting with my kids because I love to see their imaginations at work!

  194. I like crafting with my kids because it reminds me that I should outsource some aspects of parenting (those involving patience, glue and glitter) and stick to those that I am good at (those not involving patience, glue and glitter)We craft together a few times a year though. Good for my soul I am sure.

  195. I love crafting with my kids when I plan a project linked to Bible stories we’ve just read. It helps them remember what they’ve learned far more effectively than if we just read. πŸ™‚

  196. Hi! I just discovered your blog today! I really like it! I don’t have any kids of my own, but I do take care of a three year and we do different crafts. I love seeing how each one turns out!

  197. I like to craft w/the grandkids. We’re making special memories.

  198. I discovered my love for crafting as a child – I still do! – and I think it would be a very special gift to pass on the same love to my daughter, 3.

  199. i would love to make all those great ideas with my kiddos!!

  200. I enjoy crafting with my kiddos, but I definitely need some help in that area! This book would be a HUGE help for our family! Love all of the pics and detailed instructions!

  201. It’s a chance to have some downtime with my lads, focus just on them, and watch their creativity take off!

  202. Ooh, how fun! I’m a newbie to your site, and I’m loving it! Thanks so much for all your ideas. I love to craft with my girlies because, first, it brings them such joy! And second, at ages (almost) 2 and (almost)3, crafts are great alternatives to technology–sad that I already am fighting that at such early ages, huh?

  203. Summer vacation starts this week for my grandchildren… and wouldn’t this book be great for those “empty” ( sure! LOL!) weeks stretching ahead? Seriously they both love to craft and we could have a ball making these projects! And so would I!

  204. Thanks for the giveaway. We craft because I want my kids to nuture their creativity and to understand the value of home made.

  205. I love crafting with the kids because it keeps them away from the electronics and lets their creative side come out.

    I adore Jennifer Casa. She bought a quilt top from my etsy shop a couple years ago to use in her gorgeous creations!

  206. My nearly 7 year old daughter is really into making collages right now. I enjoy watching her creativity with using lots of different materials.

  207. Melissa Foster says

    I love to create things with my kids because they are always so proud of their accomplishments and I just adore crafts in general.

  208. i craft with my (almost 6) girlie because it is blessed time together learning about each other, a move away from consumerism, and a way to engender a respect and love for hand-made. i love to watch her creative process…she is a process/structure girl so i originally thought it wd be a way to release her from those confines…but she seems to approach creating in a very thoughtful structured way.

    always looking for fresh ideas, jennifer’s book wd be an inspiring resource.

  209. I like to craft with my daughter because it fosters her creativity and imagination. Also because it’s fun!

  210. It’s just fun! And I love to see what they create and watch the intent expressions during the “making”.

  211. It’s relaxing, gives us time together, makes memories, and hopefully teaches them some skills and confidence to try more crafts in the future!

  212. Honestly I very rarely craft with my kiddos. The mess and the business of doing a project tend to keep me from taking the time. What I like about this book though are the clear precise COLOR pictures and instructions. Having a time estimate would be so helpful for planning purposes as well.

  213. Awesome! I’ve used Jennifer’s tutorials before, and they’re soooo fantastic! I craft with my kids, well…because that’s just what we do lol! πŸ™‚

  214. My daughter and I would love to check out this craft book. Thanks for the chance!! πŸ™‚

  215. Craft time with my kids is my favorite quality time because I get to share the fun in making new things. My guys love making presents for others with their own hands. Also, I get to turn into a big kid again and get my hands dirty too.

  216. I like to craft with my daughter because it’s so COOL to see her imagination come to life.

  217. Raven In A Blue Room says

    I like to craft with my kids because it’s a speial way of bonding

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  218. Susan H. says

    My 4 year old daughter gets so excited when it’s time to do a craft. She’ll keep at crafting activities for a long time, no fussing with her brother, either. Peace at home, priceless.

  219. it is so much fun love watching their imagination at work

  220. My girls love doing crafts! It’s always fun to see what they come up with!! My email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  221. I like crafting with my kids because it’s a great opportunity to interact with them and see their creative sides.

  222. super giveaway

    My daughter loves craft and I love to watch her beautifull and creative little face!

  223. I like to craft with my boys because it let’s me see a different side to them and their abilities. They surprise me every time with their ideas!

  224. It’s great bonding time for me and boys. Plus, as an OT, they get to work on their fine motor skills πŸ™‚

  225. I love love love crafting because it keeps our days full and leaves us with reminders of our fun times together. Plus, I feel like I’m doing my daughters little brain and imagination a lot of good, exposing her to different materials and projects!

  226. I craft with kids for numerous reasons. It’s often a compliment to a theme we’ve been exploring. It’s fabulous fine motor and creative development. They BEG for it and it’s fun!

  227. Nikki T. says

    i love crafting with my little guy because it’s an awesome way to spend time together, be creative, and help him develop in so many ways!

  228. We love to do crafts to spend time together and be as creative as we can be. We do the ones with no predetermined outcome.

  229. I love crafting with kids so much that I made a job out of it. I teach art at a Boys & Girls Club, and I love finding new projects to do with all of the kids. I’ve even done some crafts and art projects with the kids that I did when I was their age in school, so I know that art is something of a tradition to pass on to each generation and give the kids fond memories to look back on as they grow older. Plus I love the creativity they have and how sometimes they will look at a project and give it a whole new spin with their ideas!

  230. I love craft and my kid learn a lot with them.

  231. I just think it’s fun to be creative and it’s always exciting to have something around that YOU made or to give it as a gift.

  232. i love crafting with my daughter because it’s something we both truly enjoy. It’s a chance to get dirty, be creative and just plain have fun together.