Invisible Graffiti

Love painting, but not a fan of the mess?? Ever have an overcoming urge to paint graffiti around your neighborhood, but don’t want to risk getting in trouble with the law?? Then invisible graffiti is for you!! It’s a piece of white cardboard cut into the shape of a palette with completely dried nail polish in LOTS of different colors. I love how the nail polish looks wet, even when it’s dry. Dip your paintbrush in, and “paint” away!!

Clara was quite proud of her garage door graffiti. Isn’t it stunning??

Then she went off to paint the dandelions to look like pink roses… beautiful!!

She added lots of colorful flower buds to this plain green bush.

…and the tree trunk was painted purple with blue polka dots!! At this point, I realized I had completely underestimated how much fun she would have with this simple invisible paint… oh my goodness!!

This branch was just “tickled” pink (and orange)!!

She ran all over the yard happily “painting” whatever surface she could find!

Such fun imaginative play, and with NO clean up (or felonies) afterwards!!

Have fun!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Have Clara paint over the weeds that have started growing between the garage door and the driveway!

    Also, there is some trim around the windows which could really afford to be touched up.


  2. that is so so sweet. I like it when your posts come up because most days via my google reader they come up as a blank screen so yay for today.

  3. Wow. I’m amazed it kept her entertained that long – who would have thought?! I guess I need to try this with my boys!

  4. Do you wear nail polish in all those colors? My girls would love you!

  5. What a great idea and such beautiful pictures! Love this blog..I am going over to follow right now! (And then I am going to make one of those palettes.)

    Celebrating Family

  6. Now I know what to do with all of the nail polish Wendy got for her birthday.

  7. I was also wondering about where the nail polish palette came from. Clara has amazing imagination!

  8. OH MY! That is perfect! I was linking up pretend play ideas on my facebook last night. . . this one is TOTALLY getting added=)

  9. If I would have tried this with Abby, I’m sure she would have thought I was nuts! Too funny!

  10. Perhaps your next feat would be to invent some invisible spray paint- to give Clara’s graffiti that “airbrushed” appeal…

  11. So brilliant! I’ve made the pretend makeup with nail polish and I’ll def. be doing this next!!!

  12. LOVE it when something so simple brings out so much fun and imaginative play! 🙂

  13. I think this is adorable! I think I will make a whole set of these for my classroom!

  14. I want one of those! I just wished I had such vibrant nail polish colors!

  15. This is wonderful! I pinned it to my board at

  16. Now that’s graffiti I can embrace =)

  17. So excited to see you linked up this post to It’s Playtime! I love the imagination your girl has!

  18. Valerie- I LOVE this! That’s all 🙂

  19. All kinds of wonderful!

  20. Haha, what a cute idea, thanks for sharing