Happy Earth Day!!

Emily and I visited a local playground today to pick up some litter and be kind to the Earth. We brought along our friend “Bob”, the trash-eating dinosaur!! Hear him ROAR!!!!

Long before we had kids, Bob lived in Mark’s dorm room in college, so he’s a long time friend of ours.

Picking up trash is lots more fun with Bob around to help!!

Nom, nom, nom!!!

He was particularly fond of finding aluminum cans to recycle — good work, Bob!!

In the end, Bob “gobbled up” an entire garbage bag full of trash, and recycled several cans and plastic bottles!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Earth Day!!


  1. What a lucky dinosaur 😉

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Dear Valerie,

    One minor correction — that is actually Bob III. The original Bob was purchased on a 1997 trip to South Carolina, from a gas station in Breezewood Pennsylvania. He suffered a fatal neck injury in 1998.

    Bob II was purchased in 1998 at “Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland”. He did not last long before suffering an unfortunate “trigger” injury which was also fatal. Not even superglue could save him.

    Bob III we got together, also in Reptiland, in 1999. He has, apparently, a very strong neck and trigger, and as such has been able to put up with two kids using him in unconventional ways.

    Let’s see if we can get another 12 years out of him!


  3. “Mommy can we get that?”

    You are not helping my “no getting the grabber” things cause. Unlike you and Mark I have not found a durable one, and they all break within five minutes.

  4. Great job Bob! Looks like he enjoyed himself!

  5. Great idea! Cute dino too 🙂

    We took a walk today, but not for long because it’s really windy.

    For a crafy earth day idea, I printed out a coloring page of the Earth and we colored it together. Then I cut it out and I pasted it to a sheet of construction paper. I also pasted a piece of white blank paper. I asked my daughter to tell me things she thinks are good to do for the environment and to list things she enjoys about the outdoors. I wrote them down on the blank piece of paper, and then we added some flowers,a sun and clouds. It came out really nice and it was fun to hear what a 4 year old has to say about the environment 🙂

    Some of the things she said to do is “compost, giveaway clothes you don’t want or don’t fit anymore, re-use boxes”

    Happy Earth Day!

  6. I had so many plans that were nipped in the bud by a sick child and unexpectedly long meeting at work. You certainly celebrated in the best possible way.

  7. Oh I feel bad we didn’t think to do this!
    Mind you we often bring garbage home from parking lots or if it blows by us in the wind. “Mommy we need to take that home and recycle it!” So guess I’m doing some good 🙂

  8. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

  9. Happy Easter 🙂

  10. Very cute — where did you get the dinosaur?

  11. Where would I be able to get something like this dinosaur for the classroom to help with the lesson?

    Please let me know I’d like to get one this weekend!


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