Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Yes, it’s true! One minute, Emily was just 6 years old, and then… she turned 7!!! SEVEN!! Right before my very eyes. Amazing!

There are so many things I love about this little girl! Many of which seemed to come out during the events leading up to her recent school talent show. Oh. My. Goodness! The school talent show!! So she came home from school with the audition sign up form asking… no, BEGGING for me to let her try out for the show. Emily is never one to pass up the opportunity to perform on stage.

“Please, Mommy, can I please be in the talent show??”

“What are you going to do?”

“I… don’t know. I could sing!”

“NO!” (trust me, I’ve heard her sing… to say she is tone-deaf is putting it nicely.)

“I… could dance!”

“NOOO!!! (again, I have witnessed this so-called “dancing”. Let’s just say it’s not a talent of hers.)

“I….. could tell jokes!”

“No. No. No!” (Visions of jokes going completely wrong flash before my eyes.)

“Ohhhh… please, Mommy?? Please, please can I try out for the show?? Please, please, puh-lease?????”

“I think maybe you should wait until next year, honey.”

She was, understandably, disappointed.

Well, we were playing around one day, as we so often do at the Frugal Family Fun house, and we made a little parade video which later became the inspiration for her quick change MAGIC act. The only problem was… it was just TWO days before the audition!!! TWO DAYS!!!!

So… I scrambled to buy fabric, to make my own patterns, to sew FOUR dresses & other props, to convince Mark — who is incredibly shy on-stage, to perform along with her, to pick out the music, to have Clara pretend to be the audience, to have Emily practice, practice, PRACTICE!!

And YAY!!! We put together a quick-change magic act, a talent we didn’t know Emily even had, until TWO days before the audition!

And you know what??

It. Was. Awesome!!!

Here is the very short (45 sec.) video of their act. Please excuse the first shaky 7 seconds — a certain 2 yr. old was grabbing popcorn out of my hands!


  1. This is awesome! Go, Emily!!! And way to make amazing costumes, Valerie!

    Happy Birthday, Emily!

  2. Happy birthday Emily!!!! May your 7th birthday be one for the record books:)

  3. Happy birthday Emily! Your great big smile always makes me smile!

  4. That was totally awesome! Now you need to do a tutorial for those costumes!

  5. Happy birthday Emily! I love seeing all the neat stuff you and your mom do together!! What a fun, imaginative young lady you are!

  6. I could see the smiles and fun she was having – totally in her element and a perfect match for her! And mom, what an amazing job with the costumes! Happy Birthday, Emily!! :o)

  7. Happy Birthday Emily!! May your 7th year be your best yet πŸ™‚ You were so AWESOME in the talent show – you are a star!

  8. Happy Birthday, Emily!
    What an awesome act! Amazing job with those dresses!

  9. What talent!!! Happy Birthday, Emily – you’re quite a gal!

  10. HappyBirthday to a very brave girl!

  11. Dear Valerie,

    Emily looks beautiful and did a wonderful job, but who’s that buffoon up there with her?


  12. How wonderful!! Not only does she have talent…she has a unique talent! Happy Birthday Emilie!

  13. Awesome!!! Happy Birthday Emily πŸ™‚

  14. Happy happy birthday Emily!!! Love your quick change act — wow! And Valerie, how on earth did you make all of those beautiful costumes so quickly?!

  15. Wow! That is ridiculously awesome!!
    Well done . . all of you!! πŸ™‚

  16. I loved it, and I am amazed as always at your creativity and sewing talents. How fun that Mark agreed to perform with her. Happy birthday, Emily!

  17. That is amazing! Is there anything you can’t do? πŸ™‚ Too adorable!!

  18. What a talented family you are! And Emily is such a doll. Love her enthusiasm and amazing tricks! So, what’s the secret? πŸ˜‰

  19. Well done!
    Happy Birthday Emily!

  20. Happy birthday Emily. I hope you enjoy being seven! Fabulous magic show. I’m so glad you found the perfect act!!!

  21. Wow, I’m speachless!! How did you do all those costume changes so quickly Emily?! It must be magic. Happy happy birthday!

  22. Happy Birthday Emily!!! I watched the video on FB and was definitely in awe. So cute!

  23. Wow Emily, you are a birthday superstar!
    You are the fastest dress-up queen I have ever seen.
    Want to come over and play with our daughter? She says that she is a turtle…because it takes her so long to get ready.
    I’m sure your magic would do the trick!

    Happy 7th Birthday!

  24. That was so superb. I am so proud of her! I feel like I’ve been watching her grow up as well… I’m the long-distance, unknown, bloggy auntie! πŸ™‚ That was so cool. That was the audition? I can’t wait to see the show.

    Happy 7th Birthday to Beautiful Ms. Emily! (BTW: I didn’t know she and Andre are the same age! He’ll be 8 in October. Time sure is flying.)

  25. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    Happy 7th Birthday Emily! πŸ™‚ What a fantastic little talent show! And, I agree with Allie–tutorial on the dresses! πŸ™‚

  26. Happy Birthday Emily! What a fabulous act!

    It was really nice meeting you at Disney during the Wedding Pavilion event. Hope we can keep in touch!

  27. Happy Birthday Emily!! What a wonderful video!! She did excellent!!!

  28. pattern, there’s a pattern to go with it? I want to see, how on earth did she change so fast?


  29. L's Mommy says

    That was awesome! How darling is Emily?! Great job, Emily and Mark! And best wishes to Emily for a wonderful year ahead!

  30. So adorable! What a great mom to put make the costume and help her with her act!


  32. And such beautiful dresses as well!!

  33. Bravo Emily you are a star! Happy Birthday

  34. Happy Birthday to sweet, sweet EMILY !!!!
    Love the video, that was really awesome.

  35. What a great idea! I bet she was the only kid with that act!!!

  36. Happy Birthday to one of the prettiest 7 year olds I “know”!

  37. Holy smokes! That was amazing! My little guy will be 7 in a couple of weeks…yep, he can’t do that. *LOL*

  38. Oh my she is adorable!
    Happy Birthday Emily

  39. Happy Birthday Emily! Great job on the magic show

  40. That was so cute! Way to go Emily and well done you for helping her make a dream come true. Isn’t that just what great mum’s are for? πŸ™‚

  41. Jessica Smith says

    Happy belated birthday Emily!!

    Valerie- Emily is so adorable. You did a wonderful job on the costumes. I love, love, love, them!

    Emily- great job with the magic!!

  42. Happy Birthday to your Emily! I love her hair in that top photo! πŸ™‚

  43. Sue Murdock says

    That was awesome!! Excellent job all around, to all of you! Very fun to watch πŸ˜€

  44. That was great. Like the others, would definitely like to know where you found the patterns and idea from.

  45. Awesome! Don’t you think your kids get that courageous spirit to try new things because you’re always trying new things at home? Awesome legacy to pass on!

  46. What talent! Hope Emily had a lovely birthday x

  47. Happy Birthday to Emily…Quick change magic acts amaze me from adults, you did great, what a talented 7 year old To Valerie, amazing sewing as usual.

  48. Awesome. That was so cute! I loved the beautiful costumes and her enthusiasm and it was very quick! I’m so glad it came together for her. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!