Thumb Printed Hearts

This project was simple and lots of fun to do! We made some colorful (and very personalized) heart wrapping paper!! To make your own, all you need is an ink pad and some freezer paper or white craft paper. Emily had lots of fun, and has plans for more art projects with the ink pad later this afternoon! (She won’t have to twist my arm.)

We used this Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stamp Pad, and it worked very well — the colors are vibrant, and the ink washed off easily with a baby wipe when we were finished. Very little clean up!

Emily made the hearts by using her thumb prints — a quick and very easy project to do! We especially loved that the ink dried very quickly! All these hearts kept her happily occupied for a long time.

We wrapped up our Valentine’s Day gifts and added a pretty bow! Simple, festive, and very frugal!!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Thank goodness I misheard you! I thought that you said that you would be making “bum printed hearts”, and I just couldn’t figure out how you would be able to present that in a family-friendly format.



  2. Oh my Gosh! You have the coolest ideas!

    I love stopping by every day!

  3. I “HEART” this idea! (hee! hee!)

  4. Very cute wrapping paper!

  5. I might have to make some myself. So adorable.

    P.S. Your husband is hilarious!

    • You totally should make some — can’t let the kiddos have ALL the fun, right? πŸ˜‰


  6. This is a great idea…going to do it and use to wrap Hubs anniversary gifts this year! =)

  7. Very cute and so simple!

    Ha ha, Mark!

  8. This is just TOO cute!!! And I know my daughter will LOVE to do this. Thanks so much for all the new, fun ideas (so glad to have found your blog!).

  9. Another great wrapping paper idea! Perhaps I should stock up on ink.

    • Stocking up on ink is probably not a bad idea. I love that it wasn’t as messy as paint, and it dried a lot faster!

      Have fun!! πŸ™‚

  10. I love any craft that involves my kids’ hands, toes, fingers etc. Those are the ones I want to cherish forever

    • I do too! They grow up so fast, and it’s nice to treasure those tiny prints. Have fun!! xoxo

  11. Very cute. Glad to hear the ink comes off the skin so easily.

    • I found baby wipes work better than soap and water — and it was easy to have some near by too. Have fun!!

  12. Those are cute!

  13. I’ve done this with my first graders πŸ™‚ They had a lot of fun with it last year.

    You could also make “love bugs” using recycled egg cartons. Take a cardboard egg carton and cut apart the cups. Paint each cup red, then when it’s dry, put black dots on it. Punch a hole on one end and put a short black pipe cleaner through the hole. Twist it so it will stay in the hole and you have yourself a little “love bug”!

    • Awww… love the “love bug” idea! We love to use recyclables in craft projects. What fun!! Thanks!

  14. Very cute <3

  15. So cute and so easy!

  16. Amazing idea yet again Valerie!!

  17. We are so going to make these! So cute!

    What I did make that was inspired by you was the felt bow-tie pasta.

  18. Just curious, do you get a kickback from Amazon for the link above. I went through it and bought the ink pad. Very cool if you do.

    • I do, and at no additional cost to you, so thank you!!!

      Have fun crafting with the kiddos! xoxo πŸ™‚

  19. This looks great! We just love it. I will retweet it and would love to reference it on our blog and facebook if that’s ok with you πŸ™‚

  20. love this idea!

  21. Love the idea, but it did not work very well with a 2 year old and paint. I’m sure the grand’s will love them anyhow, but it’s definitely more blob then heart for us. Next time (when she’s a little older) we’ll try to get some ink pads so it will work better.


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