Top 10 Posts of 2010 — #4

We’re moving along with our countdown of the top 10 posts of 2010, and this next post was such a simple activity that kept the girls occupied for a good long while! Coming in at number 4…. Pretend Car Wash!!

Inspired by Emily’s recent request for a car wash toy, both of the girls were kept busy for a long time with this pretend car wash activity, and they had a lot of fun! To make up the cars, I pressed down on a sheet of inexpensive craft foam with car and truck shaped cookie cutters to make an outline, which I could then cut out easily using scissors. Then I set up a car wash tray for the girls to enjoy!

The girls took turns with this starting with Emily who would draw on the cars with washable markers to get them all “dirty”.

Then, it was time to wash them off in a small tub of baby shampoo, a small sponge, and water. Wash, wash, wash! The marker comes off quickly and easily!

Then, the cars were passed over to Clara to rinse off in a bowl with just water and a small sponge.

Ta-Da!!!! All clean!!!!

And then the process would start all over again!!

They had so much fun, and after awhile they switched rolls so that Clara would color and wash the cars, and Emily would rinse them off.

This kept them happily entertained for a good long while until their fingers got all wrinkly!

Nothing like some good CLEAN fun!!


  1. Wow, so much fun! Thanks for another great idea!

  2. brooke schaefer says

    Adorable as always. I missed this one the first time around. My almost three year old will love it. Very fun.

  3. Hi Valeria;Nice blog…I discovered by chance yesterday. No game we used to live in the country, especially bubble wands.because of you, I learned that a good children’s game. I’ll try these activities with my son. Thank’s..

  4. Oh my goodness! This is so creative, simple, and so much fun!!! Thanks. 🙂

  5. This looks like a great rainy day activity. We’ve had rain, sun, rain, sun. Today is sun (outside we go), but tomorrow a car wash is the plan.

  6. Hi Valerie! Can i ask how you know what your top 10 posts were? Id love to know what my most-visited posts were 🙂

    • You can sign up for google analytics. For this list, I mostly used answers polled from one of our two year blogiversary giveaways. Hope this helps!

  7. I loved this one the first time around and forwarded it to many friends. I used this idea when DD was giving us a hard time at bath time. I let her draw all over her tub toys to get them dirty before the bath then she got a washcloth to clean them up in the bath. No fights about bathtime!

  8. ooooh good one! My Rileyman will love this. Thank you as always!