Top 10 Posts of 2010 — #3

We’re almost done counting down the top 10 posts of 2010! This next post was one of the girls’ favorite Winter activities, and we received so many emails (with photos) of kiddos (and some moms and dads too!!) around the world enjoying some active indoor fun. Coming in at number 3…. Indoor Ice Skating!! Be careful — it is very slippery, but lots of fun!!!

For a good time, wrap sheets of wax paper around your feet into make-shift “skates” with rubber bands.

Play music on your stereo. We love music from The Nutcracker or any waltz music.
“Skate” over the carpet!! Please note — be careful! It is very slippery, but lots of fun!

Check out the look of determination on Clara’s face. She napped quite well after all this excitement.
Leftover “skates” make great snowballs!!

Synchronized skating… (sort of).
Emily asked if we can do this again tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out a way they could buff the kitchen floors and skate at the same time..?? Any ideas?
Have fun!!


  1. I remember this one – just so adorable!

  2. Abby would love this! Clara looks so little in these pics!

    • I know!! I can’t believe how much she has grown in just one year! I bet Abby would look so cute doing this — have fun!

  3. We did this too after seeing this post! SOOO fun- the kids still talk about it!

  4. I can still hear Nutcracker music. Too cute.

  5. Valerie, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    PS You have little blog award here:

  6. I love this and missed it the first time around. Perfect for January inside play! AND, I got a pair of weird slipper things that are supposed to clean your floor while you wear them from my inlaws (no joke) so maybe I’ll try a little iceskating too!


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