No Mess Candy Cane Ornaments

When Emily came home from school this afternoon, she asked if we could make some ornaments for the tree, and she didn’t have to twist my arm. These candy cane ornaments are so easy and so much fun to make! Added bonus — hardly any post-crafting clean up! Yay for no-mess crafts!

We happened to have a package of white Model Magic and a package of red on-hand. One package of each is enough to make several ornaments. Emily rolled each of them out into long, thin strands….

Every once in awhile if the strand became too long, she would use a plastic knife to cut it into shorter pieces and continue to roll it out. Repeat this process with the red Model Magic…. fun!!

Next, twist, twist, twist along the strands!

We trimmed the ends and shaped them into candy canes! Allow to air-dry (overnight is best)….

….and proudly hang on your tree!!

Have fun!!

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  1. Model Magic- I do believe it is a mother’s answer to CLEAN crafty fun…LOVE it!

  2. Now why didn’t I think of it? Because I am not you 🙂 Great idea.

  3. Dear Valerie,

    Ugh. These candy canes taste AWFUL.


  4. Those came out really cute and so simple to make.

  5. Very cute. We have pipe cleaner candy canes on our tree and these we make a nice addition.

    • Love the pipe cleaner version too! We happened to have MM on hand, and only green pipe cleaners… use what you have, right? Pipe cleaners are great for mess free crafts too!!

  6. so cute! i was wondering if you’d have a new version of a model magic ornament this year!

  7. I had a feeling it would be Model Magic =)

    Very cute!

  8. LOVE IT!!! headed to Michael’s today

  9. Very cute. Bet it kept her busy for a long time.

    • She kept pretending she was baking, so it kept her happily occupied, and now we have lots of pretty candy canes to share!

  10. These are cute. I love mess free projects.

    • Me too! Although we’re not afraid of messy art, sometimes it’s nice not to have to deal with all the clean up afterwards. This is a great way to keep the kiddos busy while you make dinner, etc. Have fun!!

  11. We’re going to have to give this stuff a try. I’ve seen crafts using Model Magic on a couple of blogs now and they’re really cute. I love how the candy canes turned out and I bet my little ones could do it.

    • Oh, it is lots of fun! I’ve seen it at Target, and even most grocery stores carry it. We save the 40% off coupons for Michael’s or AC Moore and buy it in bulk — a lot cheaper that way. Have fun!!

  12. Our tree is covered in pipe cleaner candy canes (and a few real ones).

  13. And Mark applesauce ornaments taste awful too according to my husband.

    Love them! I need to get more Model Magic.

  14. A great idea for a rainy or snowy afternoon. Thank u for sharing. We would love u to this idea on our blog hop these are updated every Monday. X

  15. We had to remove all our “real candy cane” from the tree until xmas eve as my son couldnt keep his hands off it. This will be a fabulous replacement.

    Thanks for the neat idea.


    • LOL as long as he doesn’t try to eat them! 🙂 They are lots of fun to make, and they look quite festive! Have fun!!

  16. Those are so very cute and they look great! I’m thinking of maybe making a tree with ornaments he would make this year, but i think he would have to master a few things first. I have a 2 yo boy, how can I get him to press while rolling, any tricks?


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