Sunday Snapshot – Cool Day at the Park

It was cool today, but that didn’t stop us from going to the park!  The nice part about the cool weather is that you have the whole park to yourselves!

The baby bunny can go down the slide with you…

You can find GIGANTIC leaves…

And, if you stop by the garden on the way home, you can find the cutest little jalapeño pepper ever!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. aww i love your positive gumption haha spirit that even thou it is cold outside (omg that’s a christmas song; anyways!) you don’t let the cold weather pull u down! hope you are all sick free cause i have a headache right now 🙁 have a good sunday/monday!!! <3

  2. Looks like fun and the leaf is huge!

  3. What a fun time at the park! Love that little pepper and that is a HUGE leaf!!

  4. Ah the cold….we can’t wait for it out here!!! We’re in southern CA and it has been HOT, in the 100s still. Though today was in the upper 80s low 90s. When I grew up in New England this was my favorite time of the year. 🙂

    • The Fall is my absolute favorite time of year too! It’s hard to believe it’s still so warm in Southern CA, although that sounds nice too.

  5. Those faces are so full of excitement and wonder – it looks like you had a great day!