Let’s Go Fly a Kite

We have had such great luck with these super-simple frugal paper kites! This time, we decorated a few for Halloween….

…went to a local park, and flew them!! It was so much fun!

Even Clara could get her kite off the ground easily — and that’s saying a lot for a 2 year old!

Complete instructions can be found here.

Have fun!!

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  1. Those are great looking kites. An such a gorgeous day to go out and play.

  2. How cute is that last picture! They look so fallish πŸ™‚

  3. Let’s go fly a kite, up tot he highest heights…

    (Now you will have it stuck in your head like I do- hee! hee!)

    Side Note:

    I read your other post on how to make the kite and had to smile about the “playground rejection” you encountered. I was talking to a grandmother I know who said that she was asked by a mother once to keep her grandchild (who is the SWEETEST little girl and knows no stranger) away from their “playgroup.” The group of mothers were at a PUBLIC play place for a play date, but did NOT want other children joining their children.

    SERIOUSLY, what is UP with people? My personal theory on your playground rejection is that the mothers were actually undercover spies who knew their mission would be compromised if they talked to any other mothers while at the park… :0)

    • That is so sad. What’s wrong with people?

    • Yeah, it’s been stuck in my head too!

      Seriously, have people forgotten how to behave at playgrounds???? I’ve never had that happen to me before or since that day, so I’m hopeful it was just a fluke incident. Besides, we’ve tried these kites at other parks since then, and we’ve made a BUNCH of friends with them!! They are lots of fun (and very frugal) to make and fly!

  4. They look like they are having a ball. And it looks like you had the perfect day to go out to the park to fly them too.

  5. Looks like fun! Why haven’t I tried this yet?

  6. Dear Valerie,

    In order to teach the girls that pumpkins can, in fact, fly, I will be building a pumpkin trebuchet.

    It will also teach the girls about kinetic energy and how things go *splat*.


  7. Great mary poppins song is stuck in my head again

    Can I have the trebuchet when you’re done with it

  8. LOVE this idea!

  9. I LOVE the expression on the ghost kite’s face!

    I need to try your style of kites with my kids – we’ve had trouble flying the store versions…

  10. By the way, since reading this post, I cannot get the song, “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins out of my head! I had to come back and tell you!

  11. Mark, I had to look up the word trebuchet. I swear I was an honors student. Two blogs stumped me with words today!!!

    • I love how the website trebuchet.com has the phrase “the atomic bomb of the middle ages” as their subtitle. ROFL!!!!

  12. I had to look up trebuchet too. I think pumpkin can take the kite down… if it doesn’t miss. And then they both go “splat”.

  13. Those are cute. We all nedd to take more time to fly kites!

  14. Fun idea. Who can resist running with a kite!