Candy Corn Family Play Set

This CUTE project can be done in just a few minutes, and is perfect for the kiddos to do during Halloween get-togethers! To make your own candy corn family play set, all you need are some inexpensive make-up sponges and a bit of paint. Dip the fat end of a make up sponge in some yellow paint (wipe the excess paint along the edge of the container)….

With a paint brush, add the orange stripe. Allow to dry completely, and…….

With a black marker, draw on some SILLY faces!!!

Then it’s time to PLAY!!!

Have fun!!

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  1. Love it! I’m working on a couple of candy corn items for the kids right now, too – I might have to add this to the list πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Valerie,

    My make-up sponges! Wait. I’ve said too much. πŸ˜‰


  3. Adorable!!!

  4. Love it–so cute!

    We did a candy corn sensory tub:

  5. Those faces are delightful!

  6. Make-up sponges, I would have never thought of that.
    I will make these some day for sure because I think candy corn is just adorable.

  7. Those are darling!

  8. Too cute!

    Mark, you are so funny.

    • They’re fun to make — even if I’ll need to replace Mark’s make up sponges some day. ROFL

  9. Super cute!

  10. Too darn cute! I much better use for make-up sponges than sitting around in a drawer not getting used.

  11. Oh, those are just corny…(Hee! Hee!)

  12. What the creative?!? I love how you are one of the most creative idea pumping lady in the blogisphere! Love it!

  13. Cute idea! And thanks for the reminder to buy make-up sponges!

  14. So insanely cute! My girls would love this!

  15. JDaniel4's Mom says

    What a cute family. They are such fun.

  16. This really turned out very pretty. Great idea!

  17. That would imply I have make-up sponges. Or make-up for that matter.

    Oh wait, I have costume make-up, and can make a very convincing black eye. And that’s without punching you in the face.

  18. I’ve been wanting a “family” set of people (we have lots of animals), but really don’t like what is on the market in that arena. This will be a great project for that!

  19. Too cute as always!! I’ll have to see if I can find these sponges at the Dollar Tree!

  20. Love this! We are hosting a playdate here on Friday & we are going to make these with our friends! πŸ™‚ Quick question…how long did it take for them to dry?

    • That makes me SO happy!!! They take about 10 minutes to dry, just be sure to scrape off any excess paint. Enjoy!!

  21. Thanks so much! These are just too cute! I have a licensed in-home preschool and I am getting so many new ideas from your site! The children are going to have lots of fun making these candy-corn families next week! πŸ™‚ @familyquilter

  22. You always amaze me with your wonderful Ideas. I missed your blog πŸ˜€

  23. Just stopping by to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts! You can see it here


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