Sunday Snapshot — At the Zoo (with Daddy)

We are still getting lots of use from our annual passes to the zoo, plus we were blessed with gorgeous weather!!

We made lots of new friends this morning…..

The girls had so much FUN romping around the zoo with Daddy!

Mark met a new (feathered) friend……….

…..and so did Clara!

Emily made friends with the fish!

Wishing you and your family a fun-filled holiday weekend with friends old and new!! Happy Labor Day!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I’m glad that my new feathered friend was nice enough to save his present for the lady who fed him after me!


  2. What a fun day! So cute that Emily has a little purse!

    Our weather has been awesome too!

    • I sewed that purse for her a loooong time ago, and she still uses it to bring little toys with her on-the-go. It’s reversible too!

  3. Mark’s comments made me giggle. It looks like you had a gorgeous day in the zoo.

    • I think he was genuinely grateful that his feathered friend didn’t poop on him – LOL!! He got lucky…. this time! 😉

  4. Looks like a great day. Beautiful pictures.

  5. You have the happiest kids ever! So cute

  6. There is nothing more precious than a pic of a Daddy and his little girls…

  7. Great pictures! We use our zoo membership often too. I’m hoping to go soon because our zoo has a new animal carousel.

    I love Clara’s dress.

    • That sounds awesome!! Ours has a nice playground, but no carousel… yet.

      Clara’s dress is a hand-me-down from Emily. I love that her old dresses get worn again!

  8. What a great Daddy your girls have – lucky girls! Looks like a great day out, and I agree with Christy – Clara’s dress is gorgeous!

  9. Those pictures are gorgeous! The girls are getting so big – more beautiful everyday.

    • Thanks, Petula! I think they are both going through major growth spurts because it feels as though they are eating us out of house and home at this point. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing!!