FREE Museum Day

In honor of FREE Museum Day, an event sponsored by Smithsonian Media with over 1300 museums from across the country participating, we took a trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. It was awesome, educational, and frugal!! I printed out a pass for Mark and I to have free tickets, Clara is under 3 (so also free), and we paid just $10 for Emily’s admission plus $6 so all four of us could see the special Butterflies exhibit.

There is so much to see, and we easily spent almost the entire day there! There is a fantastic children’s exhibit called “Outside In”, lots of dinosaur skeletons, and even a live animal center. The highlight for our trip was definitely the Butterflies exhibit. Several butterflies took to Emily. This one landed on her finger!

….and this one landed right on her face!!! Keep your eyes closed, Em! She thought this was hilarious!

*phew* Fortunately, a woman came over to help gently take the butterfly away!

Shortly after that, another butterfly landed on Emily’s hand, and she very generously (and ever so gently) passed it along to another little girl — who, by the way, was beyond happy to hold a butterfly of her own!

Afterwards, we even had time for an impromptu dip in the fountain!! So much fun!!!!

Emily declared this was the most fun museum day EVER!!

….and I have to agree!

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Target also sponsors several FREE museum days in cities across the country, click here for more information.

Wishing you and your family a fun (and frugal) weekend!!!


  1. Love the photos, the butterflys are priceless 🙂

  2. Dear Valerie,

    I like how we noticed that it said “NO SWIMMING” on the bottom of the fountain after we got in. To be fair, there were a bunch of people in the fountain already, and we were wading. 🙂

    I’m going to pretend that it said “buıɯɯıʍs ou”


  3. You got some amazing butterfly pictures!

  4. Abby is sitting here and is so excited that a Blue Morpho landed on Emily’s face! Those are her favorite!

    What a fun day!

  5. Beautiful pictures. What a great day!

  6. Salaam and peace. I have to say, butterflies creep me out; I am super-impressed at Emily’s apparent nonchalance about that MASSIVE insect on her face. 🙂 It looks like you guys had a great day…

  7. Your girls really have the most joyful smiles ever! So cute! Looks like a fun day!

  8. oo what a fun day! I love that Emily didn’t freak out about the butterfly!

  9. Nebula Haze says

    What a great post with pictures! I also partook of Free Museum Day in San Francisco!

    • Wonderful! I love how people from all over the country took part in such a fun, educational event!!


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