Outdoor Streamers

These colorful streamers are so much fun to make, and are a great way to brighten up any outdoor space — they are completely waterproof! The girls had a blast, and we were left with very little clean up afterwards!

To make your own, lay down strips of inexpensive packaging tape with the sticky side up, and invite your child over to sprinkle bits of tissue paper on top.

This is a fun way to practice fine-motor skills, plus it is so bright and colorful!

Next, place another piece of packaging tape on top with the sticky side down. Press firmly along the strip. I cut each streamer into half width-wise, and then we decorated our backyard with these fun streamers!!

I love how they shine when the light goes through them!

The girls were so proud of their artwork!!

Have fun!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Have you noticed that the birds by us have very unique nests?

    Love Mark

  2. Cool, cool, cool!

  3. What a fun idea! You could even make different colors of streamers for a little color discrimination activity!

  4. Love this idea, thanks for sharing!

  5. What a pretty and simple idea πŸ™‚

  6. such fun!

  7. These are so bright and cheerful!

  8. This is so cute! What a fun craft to do with your kids. I love it.

  9. Very pretty!

  10. I was thinking about creating a large ‘stained glass’ sheet for the window using the same process but the strips are great. They would look lovely as the strips up against a window and would have a bit of movement in breezes. The children would also be able to take their own home. Thanks for the great idea and have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

    • Yay!!!! That is SUCH a good idea!! They will have so much fun making these, and they are very inexpensive too!! Have fun!!

  11. and just imagine that for a party

  12. Fantastic idea for party decorations

  13. Fantastic idea! I’ve done something similar with clear contact paper and tissue paper. But I love the idea of streamers with the packing tape. Definitely “borrowing” this idea.

  14. Very colorful and pretty. Have a nice weekend.

  15. What an adorable idea! I have my sons birthday coming up and I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for the inspiration =)

    • Oh, I would definitely have the kids make these as decorations for the party!! Lots of fun!!

  16. Very cute!! I love this idea πŸ™‚

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  18. Your yard must be the prettiest yard in the neighborhood! I bet all the birds hang out in your trees!

    • Thank you!!! We love putting pretty decorations in the trees and showing the birds some love! πŸ™‚

  19. Seriously – your backyard must be so fun to hang out in. It looks very colorful!

  20. So pretty!

  21. Oh, perfect. I’d never have thought of this on my own, but I think I’ll be able to tie a colour lesson around it, too. Thank you!

  22. I combined this idea with your “glass” sculpture idea and came up with a working door for Ava’s “tent”. It turned out great! I put it on my blog and was sure to link back to your posts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. This is so beautiful. Even if my “kids” (12 and 24) don’t want join in, I will be doing this myself.

  24. Love this idea – especially since they become decoration for the backyard. We made wind streamers using strips of fabric tied onto sticks. The kids had a blast running around with them.

  25. Brilliant idea! I have used it as a link on my new site,


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