Super-Easy Cool Comets

Faced with yet another hot afternoon, we made up some comets, dipped them in a bucket of water, and the girls had a blast hurling them at each other until they were soaked!

It started off innocently enough with Emily tossing a comet at Clara…..

….but Clara wasn’t about to take that sitting down. Once she got a little practice, she was throwing at Emily like a pro!
Check out how she pelted her with this shot!!
All I did was cut up an ordinary household sponge ($1 for a pack of 12) into strips and then pulled a zip-tie snug around the middle. I added some ribbon for extra flair and to make it a little easier for the girls to catch the comets. We had so much fun with these!!
We played catch….
… and “dodge the comet”….
….and this one went right over Emily’s head! 

A fun, easy, and frugal way to keep cool this Summer!!

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  1. MaryAnne says

    Very fun – great way to cool down =)

  2. Wonder Mom says

    Comet, Comet, it turns your mouth green.
    Comet, Comet, it tastes like Listerine.
    Comet, Comet, oh don't eat Comet.
    It makes you vomit.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist- your comets reminded me of an oldie, but a goodie…)

  3. Oh, they look like they are having SO much fun! Bravo, clever Mom!

  4. angelina says

    love the idea, thanks! that smile on your girls face says it all…xx

  5. angelina says

    ps. forgot to say thanks for following along with my WALDORF DOLL tutorials. you should be able to make your own no worries! come on come all and join us! xx

  6. Dear Valerie,

    Why are there no photos of you? 😉


  7. What a brilliant idea. You are born with the mom gene.

    I am storing all these away for our hot hot summers. Thanks again for your kind words.

  8. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    This kicks the crap out of mine. Zip ties! Genius! Well done… I'll be linking. :>)

  9. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Wonder Mom — LOL I had forgotten all about that! Too funny!!

    @ Mark — Do you know how many comets I had to dodge to avoid getting the camera wet?? It was no easy task, I tell you!

  10. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Lenetta — I thought for sure Mark was going to be upset that we stole his zip-ties! Poor guy, we're always taking his stuff…. 😉

  11. Oh, between you and Christy my amorphous theory of a water day is going to be wonderful.

  12. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    I like the addition of tails to the sponge balls – very nice!

  13. Anonymous says

    That looks like such a FUN way to cool off! Your girls are so cute!

  14. How Cool!! and I reckon you could do some fun printing with them when you are finished using them for comets.

  15. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Deanne — Heck yeah!! LOL You know me too well! 🙂

  16. I love it!

  17. O super fun! Its suppose to be hot again today. My son has HUGE open blisters on his heals so no pool swimming for us today.. I think this is a good solution!

  18. You always have great ideas!

  19. Cute! We made spongeballs before, but the streamers are a cute touch. I like the idea of using zip ties, too. I used string and they eventually came untied.

  20. Just Breathe says

    Your house has the best fun!

  21. Raising a Happy Child says

    Another star idea from you 🙂 Love the pictures!

  22. What a clever way to get cool in this outrageous summer heat! I want to make these now.

  23. This turned out SO cute… an ingenious idea!! The pictures are gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing!


  24. Very "cool!" LOL… The pictures turned out great.

  25. So fun!! We were making these balls for the pool (to add to our “baby pool” toys bag) but I never thought about adding ribbon comet tails!! Genius! Totally adding rainbow tails (of course!) to ours now.

    xoxo MaryLea


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