Stonyfield Tour

The final stop on the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour was a tour of the plant where Stonyfield makes all of that delicious yogurt!! We went to the Visitor’s Center for breakfast, and it is like yogurt heaven!

My girls would have loved this play area, and then they would be fighting over all that yummy yogurt!
Deciding which flavor to have was not easy! I ended up having both the Oikos with caramel and a new berry flavor — both of which are divine!!
After breakfast, we geared up for our tour. We needed to wear hard hats, hair nets, lab coats, ear plugs, goggles, and even cover our shoes — not so much to protect us, but rather to protect the yogurt! 
We are sooooo totally ROCKIN’ this sexy lunch lady look!!
When we went on the tour, I was impressed with how efficiently the plant is run. Stonyfield strives to re-use as much energy and recycle as many materials as possible to have the least amount of impact on the planet. Here’s a great video from Stonyfield that shows the process:

The Yo Baby yogurt whizzed by so fast, my camera had trouble keeping up!

It was so neat to see how the cups are filled, labels are put on, boxes are filled, and then all that milk magically turns into yogurt!! Amazing!!
Here’s where the yogurt is kept until it is ready to ship out to the grocery stores. It’s an incredible amount of yogurt, but it doesn’t stay here for long thanks to such high demand.

A BIG thank you to everyone at Stonyfield for organizing this trip as well as donating $5,000 to the charity of my choice (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network). I learned so much, and now I’ll think of the farmers the next time I go grocery shopping. And a BIG thank you to all of YOU for voting for me!! This was an ahhhh-mazing trip and I could not have done it without you! THANK YOU!!!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Our girls don't fight. Clara would end up with yogurt in her hair, though.


  2. Love the lunch lady look! LOL

    Yobaby was the first yogurt Rebekah ever ate, she LOVED it! 🙂 Ah memories.

  3. I love Stonyfield. I'm so happy you had this experience and shared it with us. Your posts were fantastic. I'm also happy that your charity got a donation. I know how much that means to you! I hope the kids enjoyed their time with Dad!

    I also want you to know that we did the ice painting (with a little variation). I posted it yesterday with a link to you! So much fun!

  4. MaryAnne says

    Your tour sounded like so much fun! Glad you could go, and I enjoyed all the photos and learning about the different farms =)

  5. Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says

    Is this the Londonderry plant? We did a tour there a few months ago. We live right near there. I love the Vanilla chai frozen yogert. I got it there.

  6. That's interesting and I love how you kept us posted. The sexy lunch lady look is fab… except you're the only one rockin' it with your rocker fingers. LOL. What is that called anyway?

  7. Youll probably remember all the things from this trip everytime you have milk or yogurt! I always think its so cool to see how things are made. Fun!

  8. great computer tips says

    I have so much fun to see the post. This post bring much fun.

  9. Raising a Happy Child says

    Love the lunch lady picture! Now I am definitely going to buy more Stonyfield after reading about your adventures.

  10. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Mark — I think you're right about that!

    @ Ricki — That's probably my favorite pick from the whole trip! LOL Clara is a huge fan of YoBaby too. She cries when it's all gone!

  11. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Christy — I think Stonyfield did a great job of giving a face to the farmers on this tour. I'll think of them every time I buy their yogurt and milk. I'm so excited that you guys did the ice painting!!!

  12. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Drama Queens Mum — It is in Londonderry! I didn't know you were near by, otherwise I would have tried to meet up with you!! Oh, the vanilla chai frozen yogurt is delish!!

    @ Petula — I have no idea what it's called! LOL We had a lot of fun, though!!!

  13. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Rebecca — Yes, exactly!! I can't look at milk or yogurt without thinking of all those amazing farmers. I wish you could have come with me too!!

  14. Sigh, all of these farm tours make me wish I could grow something. Anything. Oh wait, I grow weeds and herbs.
    Loved the coffee filter craft, my kids favorite parts are always the spraying at the end (I'd comment on each post, but internet connection here is horridly frustrating.

  15. Artistmama says

    I loved hearing about your trip! Looked like so much fun!

  16. Robin (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Phila. affiliate) says

    Delighted that you won and that the trip was such a blast! I was one of probably many Pancreatic Cancer Action Network volunteers who posted your link–thanks for helping support the organization's commitment to funding urgently needed research, supporting patients and creating hope for everyone in the pancreatic cancer community!