On the Road Again!

After getting up so early for morning milking at The Fournier Farm, we went back to Tabor House Inn for an amazing breakfast on the covered porch overlooking Lake Champlain. So awesome!!
We were joined by Carolyn Bright (aka Miss Vermont 2010!!) She is the Inn Keeper’s daughter, and was in town to celebrate her recent birthday. Carolyn explained to us that she is working to promote Rock the World, Run for Office as her personal  platform. She is so friendly, outgoing, and very inspiring!!
Did you know Miss Vermont has never made the top 15 in the Miss America pageant? I think that is about to change, don’t you?
We had to leave the inn soon after breakfast to make our way to the next farm, but we managed to take a quick detour to Ben & Jerry’s! So much fun!!! Kristina and I couldn’t resist this photo op! 
And I got to see the Flavor Graveyard, where all of the discontinued Ben & Jerry flavors come to die. So funny!!

Up next, an organic dairy farm that also grows grains, an organic CSA veggie farm, and a tour of the Stonyfield plant where they make all that delicious yogurt!!!


  1. Montessori For Learning says

    How funny… I never knew Ben & Jerry's had a flavor graveyard… what a great sense of humor!

  2. Artistmama says

    Mmm, Ben & Jerry's! You didn't sample?!