Fairy Cafe

During Clara’s afternoon nap, Emily helped me declutter the sewing room.  I was re-organizing a drawer with thread, when I looked over and saw she had fashioned a table from some empty thread spools. We got a teensy bit side-tracked ……..

I found some toothpicks with umbrellas in the kitchen and added them to the tables. Emily thought they looked just like tiny cafe tables!! The two of us had so much fun gathering things from around the house or in the yard to add to our tiny Fairy Cafe! We added some cardboard to the thread spool for a table top, and a silk flower worked perfectly as a tablecloth. We used some acorn caps for plates. The entire project was super-frugal, and so much fun!!

Emily had great fun taking orders from her imaginary customers! Some of those fairies were very particular about their food, my goodness! Picky, picky, picky, I tell you!

On the menu, cake crumbs and rain drops…. The thimble made a great pot for the decorative tree (a small branch).

…. and clover salad, of course!

This table enjoyed dining on bits of crackers.

As for the sewing room, I think decluttering can wait a little bit longer, don’t you?

Have fun!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Why don’t you de-clutter the garage? You could make all sorts of scary crafts then. Make sure that the fairies don’t get caught in the mouse trap!


    • I’m making my way over there…. and I have a feeling that duct tape and those small plastic reindeer will be used for something. If there’s anything you don’t want us to touch, better move it quickly! 😉

  2. I’m going to show this to my 7yr old tomorrow – she’ll love it. Emily might like our fairy garden idea. http://nurturestore.co.uk/make-a-fairy-garden-2

  3. What fun, I love all the details! And, am I imagining things, or did you redo your blog? Either way, it looks great!

  4. Okay, you definitely switched things up – that Crafts tab is fabulous! =)

    • Thank you! Yes, made some exciting changes to make it easier to find projects listed here. Mark and I worked really hard on it, and it brought back software engineer memories from when I used to work in the office right next to his. Fun times!

  5. I am amazed with all the details – so frugal and so creative. Of course, those umbrella toothpicks really come handy for the projects like this 🙂

    • Just having those umbrella toothpicks in the house makes me want to have a party and make pina coladas… and fairy cafes to go with them! 😉

  6. That is so amazingly, super awesome! The imagination, so great.

  7. That is super cute! Your mind must be creating all the time!

  8. This is absolutely adorable! Great job!!!

  9. Another great activity. Your blog always inspires me to work less at running around at top speed trying to do, do, do and make an effort to slow down and enjoy my daughter more. The laundry/dishes/grocery shopping will always still be there waiting for me. Thank you.

  10. cute, cute, cute! will show to dd, who is busy creating fairy city all over her room out of polly pocket things! and she loves to play cafe, so this may be a hit!

  11. Aw! Your daughter is beautiful. I love the craft that you two shared. And yes, the decluttering can wait when spending time together is so much fun 🙂

  12. I want to make one now! Maybe this is the answer to our woes!


  13. This is very precious!

  14. That came out adorable.

  15. I love this! my daughter has just lost her second tooth – so I think a fairy cafe may just be in order….

  16. That’s so adorable!

  17. Lovely use of recycled bits and pieces. A sweet play area to top it all. I’m sure Emily is having lots of fun with this one. I would!

  18. Oh, Tinkerbelle would be right at home…

  19. We will be doing this! I don’t even think it’s optional; it’s a MUST DO! Love it! So very sweet.

  20. I am sure my little girl would love to play fairies.
    Funnily enough- I have been trying to find some of those cocktail umbrellas everywhere! They are usually no problem to find- but just when I want them for “u is for umbrella” they are no where to be found, maybe they don’t sell them in winter in Oz!

  21. that is very cute

  22. So adorable! I love the acorn caps for the bowls.

  23. Too cute! You can tell by the smile on your daughter’s face she was in love with it too!
    Way to be creative!

  24. Enchanting!!!! Tooo sweet for words!
    Blessings and magic,

  25. Fantastic!
    I love the tinyness of it all!
    and great to find new uses for lots of everyday things!!

  26. Super cute!! Love the tree pot!

  27. OH so sweet, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  28. Makes me wish those little umbrellas lasted longer than 5 minutes here. Sigh, do you know how quickly boys make them into swords?

  29. My girls are absolutely going to scream when they see this! I love that your girls have that natural ability to take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary! The apple does not fall far from the tree! 🙂

  30. My daughter would love to create something like this! So whimsical!

  31. Very creative and so sweet! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Great to have you!

  32. Oh that is adorable! What a great time you must have had.


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