Dear Tooth Fairy (and a Giveaway!)

There has been much tooth fairy excitement in this household today! This morning, Emily lost her first tooth!!

Think she was a little excited?
To celebrate, she wrote a short note to the tooth fairy during Clara’s nap time.
Dear Tooth Fairy,
Here is my 1st tooth! No cavities!!!
Please bring 2 cans of tuna fish.
<3, Emily
Seriously??? Two cans of tuna fish?? Hey, whatever makes you happy, kiddo. The Easter Bunny snuck a can of tuna in her Easter basket last year, and she said it was her favorite! Even more so than candy!! I think it’s because we ration it out. Those two cans will be spread out over the course of a couple of months, so I guess tuna has become a treat.
Coincidently, if you’re looking for sustainably caught tuna, check out Wild Planet — it has the highest Omega 3’s and low mercury content. Added bonus, it’s on sale at Amazon!
I stitched up a cute tooth fairy pillow earlier this morning — it was a big hit! The pockets are big enough to hold a tooth and a little note. It is made with soft flannel, and the tooth is appliquéd on the outside pocket.
Isn’t it so cute? The tooth fairy better appreciate it, I tell you! Emily thought it would be fun to give one away on the blog, and I completely agreed!!

Now the fun part — one lucky reader will win a tooth fairy pillow similar to this one! Just leave a comment on this post telling us the craziest thing you or your kids ever asked for from the tooth fairy, and be sure to leave your email address in the comments field. Giveaway is open to all US and Canadian residents!

Giveaway ends Friday, July 16th @ 6:30pm EST. Good luck!!

Giveaway is now closed, and the winner is Abbie! Congratulations, and a big thank you to everyone who entered this fun giveaway! Be sure to check back — another SUPER fun giveaway starts soon!!


  1. Bobbie Mackey says

    Dakota asked the tooth fairy for absolutely nothing, as long as she pulled the rest of his baby teeth. His reasoning? Why get SOME quarters for one tooth, he might get LOTS of dollars when she returned! Hillarious…

  2. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    DOH! Got an error message… will try again.

    1) Will the pocket hold two cans of tuna? :>)

    2) Goose hasn't lost any teeth yet (thankfully) and I was always plenty happy with a quarter under my pillow.

    3) So, how about this? When we got to the unbearable stage (nonstop talking about the loose tooth but it was still hanging by a thread), my dad would pull it by putting a pillow on our head and he'd tie some floss to the tooth inquestion. He'd give a gentle bonk on the pillow and pull on the floss at the same time. Worked like a charm!

    nettacow at gmail dot com

  3. My son hasn't lost any yet, but he's excited about the prospect. I always wanted way too much money. I must have though the tooth fairy was rolling in dough…

  4. Cathy @ NurtureStore says

    I love how excited she was. When Big's first tooth fell out she lost it (swallowed it perhaps?!) so we had to make a sign to hang in the window so the Tooth Fairy would still know to visit. She made me add my signature to the sign to verify that she's lost it, so the Fairy would believe her!

  5. .:Heather:. says

    We haven't experienced our first loose tooth yet but I will share about the treat fairy that cones every November 1st. On Halloween night the girls pick out the same # of pieces of candy as their age & the rest gets left for the treat fairy. The treat fairy comes in the night to exchange the candy for a toy or DVD.

    Adorable pillow we'd love to win! 🙂

  6. so sweet!! i have even heard of tooth fairies leaving behind lots of fairy dust. 🙂 fun, fun!

  7. That pillow turned out super cute! I love her excitement about it! We are no where close to losing our teeth here but I wanted to say that I loved the pillow and I had my own tooth fairy pillow growing up as well!

  8. Dear Valerie,

    As long as this doesn't happen, we should be fine.


  9. Lovely pillow!! looks great! I wish i could sew! never have been any good at it.
    We have never been very adventurous with asking for things from the tooth fairy. but my eldest has often written letters to the tooth fairy as he has swollowed 2 of his teeth and was worried she would not leave him anything. I was very impressed as he is a reluctant writter. Typical aspy behaviour or so i'm told. But seeing him willingly write to a tooth fairy was so sweet. she even wrote back to him!!

  10. Awwww… congratulations!

    Oh, haven't asked for anything crazy. They just want money. LOL

  11. schmobes says

    So exciting!

    Don't enter me in the give away, though, because the cute pillow would be wasted here.

    Kiddo has lots 6 teeth, the first 2 before he hit the age of 5. His request? That the tooth fairy not take his teeth. He actually cried when the second one was coming out because he didn't want the tooth fairy to take it! He wrote her a long note asking her not to take the tooth, and to please bring back the first one (which had been lost the previous week, so she was able to oblige). So now he hides the tooth from the tooth fairy. She still brings a nice gold dollar, though he could care less!

  12. Anonymous says

    Dear Emily,
    Our cat Raven is having two teeth pulled at the vet today because she has cavities–I think she is hoping for tuna too!
    Aunt Julia

  13. When I was a kid, I always wanted to catch the tooth fairy (or Easter bunny or Santa Claus) in action. I mean how did anyone know what they looked like if no one had ever seen them? So I always asked the tooth fairy to wake me up!

  14. What a fun idea! We just went through our first lost tooth last week, too… After he lost it, I asked our little man what he thought the tooth fairy would leave. He thought a bit and responded, "100 golden coins!" (She left 2 gold dollar coins.) Oh, and the pic after she lost it?!?! So cute, and SO much braver than the pic I got of my big boy after losing his first. 🙂

  15. Moderate Means says

    A few teeth ago, my daughter lost her tooth at her Grandma's house. When she arrived at home, she proudly showed me a Ziploc bag with "$100 please" written on it in Sharpie.

    She received the regular $1.00 😉

    Love the pillow!



    I am hoping to make the watermelon wrapping paper today!?

  17. My daughter is only 2½ so we haven't lost a tooth yet but I remember as a kid I would always ask the tooth fairy for a photo. I would write her a letter and put the Polaroid next to the letter in my room.

    Every year, she would tell me that fairies can't be photographed and would draw me a self-portrait, which always looked like a teenage Pebbles from The Flinstones. HAHA

  18. can't say dd has asked the tooth fairy for anything weird but she always asks Santa to bring her an

  19. Wow, this is super cute. And what a nice ideas!

    My son asked for a hole to dig in the dirt 😉
    He still loves to dig in it :-)))

  20. Wow1 I always asked for money as a kid!…which explains my materialism now!

  21. Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years says

    Congrats to Emily!!! She cracked me up with her request for tuna.

    Sad to say, I was not creative in my requests as a child. I just preferred the cold hard cash! LOL!

  22. My oldest told me there was no santa or tooth fairy. I put glitter as fariy dust…not convinced. Little stinker. So, he never asked for anything.

  23. angelina says

    ha! i love it val, the pillow is tops. my oldest is just 5 so no teeth lost just yet…but the tuna fish is so funny!

  24. (V.Kerr) School Time Adventures says

    This is such a funny post…I love that she wrote NO CAVITIES, and would like tuna?? You must be a great mom promoting healthy (or River would call them shiny foods).

    No teeth have fallen out yet over here, but I remember that as a kid that I had a tooth come out as I ate pizza, and an apple.

  25. Anonymous says

    Wow, her tuna request is hysterical! Congrats to Emily on her first lost tooth! (no need to enter me in the giveaway b/c I plan to make our own tooth fairy pillow when the time comes.)

  26. Abbie Johnson says

    My 6 y/o lost his first tooth this weekend! While he didn't have any crazy requests, we too had to write a note. His tooth came out while he was brushing his teeth and went down the drain! He was so upset he didn't get to see the tooth. We had to write a note to T.F. to explain what happened. Luckily she still visited. He would love to have a special place to put his next tooth–he has 3 that are loose!
    abbiejohnsoncm at yahoo

  27. Lil' Ms. P - Madonna says

    Ok, so when I was in 2nd grade I wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking for $10 or $20…I was saving to buy a bike. Anyway, I stayed up way passed my bed time to write the letter…I got it all folded and drew and heart with an arrow through it. Inside the heart I meant to write "I will miss you." Unfoturnately, it was so late that I wrote, "I will p-i-s-s you."

  28. Her handwriting is so good! LOL about the cans of tuna!

    My daughter hasn't lost any teeth yet, but she has asked that when she does she wants the tooth fairy to leave her $100. Um, I don't think so 🙂

  29. Mom of Two says

    Have you seen this, it was just posted a little bit ago:

  30. being in Aus I cannot enter, but just what to say that this is the funniest thing ever! A can on tuna?? Love the pillow.

  31. the tuna thing is so original! cute pillow!:)

  32. Are you sure she's excited? I just don't see it! 😉

    The pillow is a very cute idea, and I think it is so cute that she wants tuna!

    Thanks for the link about tuna.

    btw am in Australia, so no prize for me, but I just had to comment.

  33. aaaawww! congrats, emily! our tooth fairy is a real cheapo–she brought bridget three quarters and a nickel for her first tooth–hey! it's dark and it's hard to see in that pouch! one time, she brought her a little vial of fairy dust–that was b's favorite!

  34. meeyeehere says

    Well, I just have to say that I laughed out loud because she wanted tuna! That is so cute!!! Really, I just begged the tooth fairy to bring a dollar instead of 50 cents.My son is just now getting all his teeth.Be nice to have a cute pillow to put your tooth in.

  35. Heather N says

    Thank you for the giveaway! My daughter has not lost any of her teeth yet, but when she does I imagine she will come up with something creative. For instance, we were pretend fishing as a new game yesterday. I said that I caught a blue fish. She said she caught a red one. Then I said that I caught a yellow one. She pulled up her pole, looked at me, sighed and in a sad and disappointed tone said, "I got a boot." LOL.

    hjnagel at hotmail dot com

  36. Hey! I gave you an award on my blog! It is my very first one so I am happy to pass it on!

    Oh, and no cans of tuna have been requested around here…lol! Although my daughter has asked to keep one of her teeth instead of letting the tooth fairy take it. She has it wrapped up in tissue in her desk.

  37. That is sooo cute!! Yeah, mine just wanted money, so the tooth fairy started her on a collection of the gold presidential $1 coins, so they are "special" and cannot be spent. I love your tooth pillow!

  38. Sew Impatient says

    That is so cute! I don't have kids yet…December! But I remember getting 16 pennies under my pillow once and I was SO excited! It looked like a ton of money! haha

  39. Christie says

    My oldest daughter asked for a credit card. 🙂 She was really into playing store so a credit card was all she needed. Cali would love this pillow and she is just getting to the age. Fingers crossed.

  40. Lisa Anne says

    Teeth freak ME OUT!! I hate whenever my son gets a loose tooth and he twists it infront me and it bleeds. It's the one thing that gives me the heeby jeebies.

    My poor son too, the Tooth Fairy always seems to be on vacation when he losses a tooth. Our tooth fairy needs this pillow to hopefully give him the incentive to leave his vacation to pick up the Boys teeth.

  41. A can of tuna? too cute. My girls like to bargain w/ the tooth fairy asnd keep their teeth. Once they left her a silk flower and another time a sea shell Tht t. fairy let them keep the teeth AND gave them $. She's very generous!

    cute pillow- hope i win. 🙂

  42. i love the tooth fairy pillow and the fact that your girl wants cans of tuna, that is just to cute! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 I've got 4 girls and this pillow would definitely be a blessing!
    west4pam at aol dot com

  43. Anonymous says

    My son asked for Spiderman to come w/the toothfairy. lol.

  44. Whitney didn't ask the tooth fairy for anything…but she did ask if the tooth fairy was going to eat her tooth! 🙂

  45. PreethiM says

    I've been following your blog for some time now. Love the pillow.

  46. Anonymous says

    It's been many years since my kids lost teeth and involved a tooth fairy but my daughter did ask for new teeth for her baby brother because he didn't have any.Thanks for the giveaway.
    jmclean at mts dot net

  47. My boys haven't lost any teeth yet, and I honestly don't remember what I asked for from the tooth fairy, but I LOVE that pillow and wanted to enter even though I don't have a cute story to go along with it. I just know that we'd create some fun memories with that adorable pillow. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.

  48. My girls have only requested money as that's all that occurred to them. We have had some funny stuff happen as a result of me forgetting to put the money under there. We once had to tell them the tooth fairy couldn't come because we'd locked the door! Now we have to leave the door unlocked anytime there is a new lost tooth!

  49. Although we haven't yet met the Tooth Fairy in our household, we will likely be entering the phase soon! This pillow would make a nice surprise for my daughter Riley!

  50. Anonymous says

    PS: I told a friend at work about Emily's request, and he tells me he used to ask for a can of black olives.

    –Aunt Julia

  51. That's too cute, a note for the scrap book or memory box for sure.

    I love her watch too 🙂 I should probably get Rebekah a watch soon, maybe she'd catch on to the whole time telling thing sooner. She has the o'clocks down, but that's it.

    Don't enter my name in the give away, we already have a tooth fairy pillow, but I just wanted to comment on how cute everything was 🙂

  52. My daughter is so excited for her front tooth to fall out…we are waiting (im)patiently!

  53. Anonymous says

    My daughter was really afraid of the toothfairy for a long time. (I guess the thought of some unkown person/thing gettting into her room freaked her out!) So we used to tape a note with her tooth to the door asking the toothfairy to not be upset with her because the tooth was not under her pillow and please put her money in the envelope. email~

  54. JulianneB says

    Well I was so excited when my middle child now 14 lost his first tooth. Couldn't wait to do the whole tooth fairy thing, and he said not to bother his cousin had already told him the truth….ugh…Waiting on my daughter to lose her first tooth any day now. This pillow would be great.

  55. Money Saving Maine-iac says

    Sawyer asked for ice cream! Instead we bought One Morning in Maine. (Good kiddo read!)

  56. Katie's Nesting Spot says

    We haven't had a need for the tooth fairy yet but ER saw an episode of Wow Wow Wubbzy with the tooth fairy. Afterward she said, "Why does she steal your teeth?" She couldn't get over that, wanting to know what the tooth fairy did with them all day long.

    My mom said I asked for tadpole once, I know shocking that I would ever ask for such a thing. Guess my neighbor had one. But I specifically told her not to leave it under my pillow but next to my bed, so I wouldn't squish it.

  57. My girls are 6 and a half years old. My oldest twin daughter lost two teeth before her sister ever even lost one. When she did finally lose her tooth she decided she didn't want money for it… she just wanted the tooth fairy to give it to a child who needed it more than she did. (Can you tell we've been talking about charity lately? LOL)

  58. The pillow is super cute! We don't do Santa, or the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny or that sort of thing in our house, so we won't need one (not to mention we're still several years from loosing teeth!) but I just wanted to say how adorable I thought it was!

  59. My daughter is not at the tooth loosing stage yet but I would love to win for when she is older. When I was younger and had 2 teeth pulled in oral surgery I asked for $50 I said they were worth more. Of course I did not get that 🙂

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  60. Lindsey in AL says

    My 9 year-old has been getting sardines in his Christmas for years now. It's his favorite part! He does prefer cash from the tooth fairy though 😀

  61. My daughter told me when she loses her first tooth she's going to ask for the tooth fairy to pierce her ears.