Vacation 2010 Highlights

We just returned from our favorite frugal vacation spot — a cabin we rented in beautiful Montebello, Virginia! Here are some of the highlights from our week-long trip!

We enjoyed lots of fishing and swimming (well, more like splashing) in the lake.

We went exploring on several nature hikes together.
We had to visit the local drive-thru zoo and feed the animals. It isn’t very frugal, but it was definitely a highlight of our trip! Emily was a bit stingy with the food at first.
This fellow was a bit more friendly!
We spent some time picking the clover flowers.
….and Clara turned 2 right before our very eyes!
We stopped by Big Spy Mountain’s Overlook….
….and caught lots of breath-taking sunsets!!
…and every night ended with a special story time of passages from Shel Silverstein’s Falling Up.
It was a lovely trip, and now it’s great to be back! This week we’ll be sharing some fun ideas for the garden, a cute nature craft, tips for frugal picnics, and a super-fun giveaway! You won’t want to miss it!!


  1. The pics of her feeding the deer are awesome!

  2. Glad you're back, and it looks like you had fun!

  3. Joyful Learner says

    Happy 2nd birthday! The pics are gorgeous and looks so idyllic!

  4. Raising a Happy Child says

    Great vacation – the pictures are lovely. Happy 2nd birthday to Clara!

  5. I think we've been to that wild animal park. In Natural Bridge, right? That place is awesome!

  6. MaryAnne says

    What a great trip! Happy bday Clara, and welcome back!

  7. Fantastic trip!!
    Waiting for your new ideas for this week.

  8. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ NG — It is indeed the Safari Park Zoo at Natural Bridge! The girls had a BLAST there!!! (And so did Mark and I.) 🙂

  9. Mommy Moment says

    Thanks for posting about your beautiful vacation!
    Looks like you had a great time!
    We have a vacation coming up soon too!
    Vacations are so much fun!!!
    Smiles & hugs,

  10. ~Alison~ says

    Your vacation looked like a lot of fun! The drive-thru zoo would be my favorite part!

    We're looking for a frugal vacation spot for next year. Someplace that allows pets. We have one dog and I hate to leave her in a kennel for a week!

  11. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    We enjoyed seeing some eastern woods! Looks like a really fun weekend 🙂

  12. What a lovely spot to holiday in! Beautiful photos. Happy Birthday, Clara.
    Looking forward to reading about your nature crafts.

  13. Glad you guys had a great time at Monticello! We live about 30 minutes away and love the area! Gotta love the safari park!

  14. How fun! LOL at those animals in the drive through!

    Happy 2nd birthday to Clara!

  15. Valerie,

    I gave you a Sunshine Award! Thanks so much for sharing snippets of your life with us…


  16. These are great pictures! Can't wait to see your posts 🙂

  17. So much fun as always! Thanks for including us in your vacation!

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  18. Just Breathe says

    Looks like a great time. So peaceful and beautiful. Happy Birthday to Clara. The zoo looks like it was fun too!

  19. Welcome back! You were missed.