Packing…. and a Giveaway!

I’m busy packing for my trip to Vermont and New Hampshire for the Stonyfield Blogger Barnstorming Tour! I’ll be sending virtual postcards and tweeting from the road (@FamFunBlog), and I thought it would be fun to get answers to some of your questions about organics too!
Just leave a comment on this post with anything you would like me to ask either the farmers, or the wonderful people at Stonyfield. I’ll pick three people —  to bring you back a little special surprise from the trip! Won’t that be fun??

Giveaway ends June 29th @ 6:30pm EST, and is open to all US and Canadian residents. You can leave as many comments with questions as you like! Good luck!! 
Giveaway is now closed: Winners are Zina, The Girl Who Painted Trees, and Tiff… Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!! 


  1. says

    even though I don't have kids of my own yet, your blog inspires me!

  2. The girl who painted trees says

    How do they treat sick cows? Do they ever give them antibiotics? And if they do, how long do they wait for the antibiotics to leave the cow's system? What do the farmers like best about their jobs? Have the people at Stonyfield ever considered making fruit yogurt without sugar (and I don't mean adding Splenda or something else either, but if I can add natural fruit purees (or baby food fruit which doesn't have sugar in it) to my plain yogurt, why can't they just make a yogurt like that for me without the sugar?) Okay, well, that was a lot of questions and that last one was especially long winded. Sorry.

  3. I would like to know what new products they have coming out in the next year.

    Also, besides buying their products, what can we do to support the work that they are doing? What is the biggest threat they are facing?

    Have a great trip!

  4. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Hmm… I just read somewhere that milk tastes the weirdest during the spring, but that's also when it is the best for you regarding vitamins and other stuff. True story?

    Have a super duper time!

  5. Christina says

    Some countries don't keep milk refrigerated yet it doesn't go bad- how is that possible?

  6. Dear Valerie,

    Cow chips and road apples are not "little special surprises".


  7. mrswaddleduck says

    How is such delicious yogurt possible??? It is amazing! Why can't all yogurt taste this good?

    Christina – Tetrapacks. We have them here now too. There are little milk packs in the organics section with straws that no longer need refridgeration.

  8. Hmmmm……. I have to admit I'm mainly curious about the yogurt making process. How is the culture they add different from the one for cheese.
    How are the cows fed, how are they milked? General information about the cows. What is done with the calves of the milking cows?

  9. have a nice trip!

  10. Elle Belles Bows says

    I have a great question….it does not really have anything to do with organics or quality….it has to do with their marketing….my toddler loves their yo baby yogurt. We go through 2 six packs a week. There is one problem. She loves the fact that there is a baby on the yogurt container. However, they do not place the baby on every container in the six pack. This definitely causes an "issue" at times. Poor thing looks for that baby all over the container. So….Why do they not place a baby on every container? Silly question, but not to my 18 month old πŸ™‚ Thanks and Have fun!

  11. Just Breathe says

    Have a nice time. I can't think of anything to ask you. I am leaving to go to Florida to be with my dad.

  12. First can I say I am complete weirdo that LOVES packing! I find it very therapeutic. Like I said, I am a weirdo!

    Are there any Cool (as in cool and cold!) new product coming out this year? I love a good frozen treat!

  13. Momma of 3 says

    It is very easy to find their products in single serve around here. Why is so hard to find the large containers? This crunchy frugal Momma likes to buy things we like in bulk. I always freeze most of our yogart squeezers…we like them frozen…and then they thaw for lunches. How long are they good in the freezer? If they go over the expiration date do I have to throw them away? Why don't they make their drinkable yougart in a large form (say milk carton). My son loves it. We have a new love for austrialian organic yougart. Any thoughts of branching into that market? As far as organic farming goes…what do they feed their cows…are they free roaming and eat grass? I have always wondered this. I've never seen a clear answer to what has to be fed to a organic cow for it to be organic. Also, how do they treat their sick cows? Are they allowed to give them antibotics when they are sick? I am excited for you…so for the long comment.

  14. MaryAnne says

    I second the question about whether they'll make fruit yogurt without sugar added. I'd also love to know if they can sell large containers of plain greek yogurt, and I'd love to learn more from the farmers about how they look after their cows and calves.

  15. Annette W. says

    Okay…all the good questions on my mind were asked!

    Do the animals who eat organic foods eat the same ones other farms use just without the chemicals?

    I totally agree…sugar free, yet flavored yogurt is needed. NO SPLENDA or other sweetener!

    Have a great trip! I remember voting just a short time ago!

  16. Money Saving Maine-iac says

    Hi there!

    I love their yogurt. I love their rewards program. Can you ask them to make the codes easier to read? πŸ™‚

  17. How big is the farm itself?

  18. I recently read about an on-farm retail program that allows local consumers to buy local Organic Valley direct from their farms. I like the idea of having the confidence of a brand name and also knowing where my dairy is coming from. Is this something your company would consider in the future?

  19. I have recently read a lot of the political debate about Monsanto and genetically modified soybeans. That is it could potentially be damaging to the organic industry.

    What are your thoughts on this topic? In what ways is your company helping fight this?

  20. Stephanie Tillery says

    Maybe this has already been addressed somewhere but I might have missed it. I would like to know if their cows are grass fed.

  21. Why is it, that organic food
    cost more than than food that has had chemicals used on them ??

  22. Birdie S. says

    Ask the farmers if more vitamin D should/ or could be added to their products my doc sayes EVERONE is low & wants me to supplement can the farmers help??Id rather get it through their prod that take another PILL .

  23. Could they make a toddler yogurt…my 4 year old loves yogurt but does not want to be associated with a baby…

  24. Livin' the Yeh Life! says

    Are they ever going to make those little yogurt drinks that I hear are so healthy?

  25. Very cool! I'd like to know how they accept ideas from customers and if it's a business relationship or a "thank you for your contribution." πŸ™‚

  26. noteasytobegreen says

    I'm curious about the nutritional difference between organic and non-organic milk. I know there's been a good deal of debate as to whether organic is worth the extra money. I'll probably continue to buy organic because I want to support more sustainable farming practices, but it'd be great if there were also documentable health benefits!

  27. TennTreeFrog says

    Given their growth in recent years, how do they maintain their standards yet still keep up with demand?

  28. Have a great time on your trip Valerie! I can't wait to read your tweets!
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  29. I feel like the Stonyfield Farms yogurts for kids and babies have too much sugar. Are there plans to come up with very low sugar options (i.e. just fruit and yogurt – no sugar added)?

  30. What do they feed their cows? What exactly makes a product organic? And, what is the difference between organic and natural?


  31. So happy you won this trip! Have a super time!! πŸ™‚

  32. How hard is it for them to maintain such an eco-friendly environment for the cows? Is it harder than the commercialized method? By how much

  33. musicmom24 says

    I am wondering – is it hard to market their products when the country is in a recession? Is it hard to convince people that they should buy organic when it costs so much more?

  34. Ann-Margaret says

    I would love to know the process of producing skim milk. I want to once and for all prove to my dad that it is more of a process than just adding water to whole milk!!!

  35. I would love to eat more organic, but sometimes it's just too expensive. What makes organic food cost more?

  36. What new flavors do they have planned? Banilla is genious!

  37. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    I know there are different grades of organic foods and each grade means something different. What exactly makes their food organic and is it at the highest organic quality labeled by the FDA or our they still working towards that goal?

  38. Sarah Wilson says

    I'd like to know about any low sugar options coming out soon…and other new products?