Hurray for Playgrounds!

After driving to nearby Lewisburg, PA — We are all suffering from a serious case of playground envy! Seriously. My skull still hurts from trying to wrap my brain around the size of this GINORMOUS playground.

The girls wasted no time! 

When Mark wasn’t looking, I had a go at the climbing wall, swings, slides, and even the monkey bars! ….. and he thought we were there for the kids — HA!!

Good. Free. FUN!!

Are you ready for Summer yet?


  1. Anonymous says

    Whoo Hoo ! Now that looks like FUN!

  2. Gotta be a big kid! I love the swings myself. What great photos- the big smiles on your little ones are priceless.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  3. Just Breathe says

    Looks like an awesome playground.
    I would want to play too!

  4. Dear Valerie,

    I most certainly noticed.



  5. Dear Valerie,

    Also, the kids have it too nice these days. We had a rusty metal slide (with sharp edges!), that got extremely hot and placed you into glass shards.

    Oh, you can't forget the worn-out tractor tire. That was great — I'm amazed I never got west nile!

    Love Again,

  6. Artistmama says

    That does look fun! What a great playground!

    I'm having a giveaway at my blog. I just opened a new etsy store and an giving away a Waldorf, felt gnome. Come check it out if you get the chance!


  7. Amy's Stocking Stuffers says

    Oh wow, I went to college at Bucknell in Lewisburg, about a billion years ago! I haven't been back since, but I remember the area very fondly.

    Those photos are wonderful — the last especially looks like it should in a magazine!

  8. Philippa says

    Wow what a great looking playground!

  9. Wow, that is a very cool playground. Our elementary school just got a new playground and we are having lots of fun playing on it. We are lucky that we can walk there too! Free entertainment right around the corner!

  10. awesome playground! and it looks like you can supervise your kids really easily!

  11. I frequently get playground envy. There are just way too many cool playgrounds out there, and none of them are super close to my house.

  12. MaryAnne says

    Awesome playground! We saw a few like that in Vegas. There's a new playground in a nearby town here that we plan to spend LOTS of time at this summer =)

  13. That looks like such a great playground! We LOVE playgrounds. When we visited Spokane,WA last year their playgrounds had water parks too. It was so much fun!

  14. FUN! I get playground envy too!! We have small beaches here instead of big playgrounds! Which I am sure some ppl would argue that I have the better end of the deal, and yes the beaches are nice, but nothin beats a super playground!

  15. That is a nice playground! How fun!

  16. Looks like you guys had loads of fun! My children would have adored that … and so would the teenager! Great pictures.

    PA, huh? I'm thinking about driving up to my moms in MD. Maybe we should go on a park road trip.

  17. What a great playground! We just had a new one open in our (small) city and Sammy and I have been having some serious free fun 🙂