Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make — Colorful Coaster Set

Emily and I had a great time making these colorful coasters for a Father’s Day gift for Mark — and they are super-frugal to make!!

We used plain bathroom tiles from the hardware store, some Mod Podge, and tissue paper to make the set. I found the tiles at Home Depot for just $0.16 each, and we usually get packs of tissue paper at the dollar store — very inexpensive!

Invite your child over to paint a layer of Mod Podge over the tile.

Decorate with cut up pieces of tissue paper! We chose green & blue — two of Mark’s favorite colors.
Apply another layer of Mod Podge over top to seal the coasters. 
Please note — If you happen to be working with Mod Podge and then do something like say…. Oh, I don’t know….sneeze. DO NOT grab a tissue before washing your hands, or you will make a great big sticky mess all over your hands and face. Not that it happened to ME, or anything…. I’m just sayin’. Ahem.
Notice the snickering from Emily after said Mod Podge/tissue incident.
Allow the coaster to dry completely. Flip the coaster over and stick a felt pad on each corner. We made a set of 4 of these because we were having far too much fun!
Give to Dad on Father’s Day to enjoy with an ice cold beverage of his choice!

Have fun!!

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  1. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    Since it's not yet Father's Day, I can only assume from the last picture, that you gave it a trial run with an ice cold beverage of "your" choice 🙂

  2. Just Breathe says

    Very cute idea.

  3. Those are cute. I was thinking you could use those colors and make initials with one color and use the other color for the background. I always have great ideas when I look at your crafts and don't have any when my kids want to do something. Not because I don't know, but because I'm then lazy. LOL

    Sooooo… how long did it take to get the tissue and podgy stuff off? Tahee!

  4. Now how are you going to hide that from Mark when it's out here for him to see?
    I'm trying to think what we'll do, I have a couple of different ideas.

  5. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ An Almost Unschooling Mom — I was nice, and stuck it back in the fridge. **sigh** Sure looks refreshing though!!

    @ Petula — It took forever to get those bits of tissue off my face and hands! Learn from my mistakes! 😉

    @ Ticia — I'm sure Mark won't mind if we celebrate Father's Day from now until then. Besides, I kind of stink at surprising him anyway…. He knows me too well!

  6. Mama King says

    Actually a Father's Day gift that will be used! Great idea. Is the Mod Podge enough of a seal? Maybe you sealed it and I skimmed by that part. ignore me if you answered that in your post.

  7. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Mama King — The Mod Podge seemed to seal it enough that they can be wiped clean, but it's probably a good idea to spray a sealer too. Have fun!!

  8. Love this idea!! We will be making some of this year for sure!

  9. That's a really crafty and inexpensive idea! Thanks for sharing.

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  10. This is great!

  11. Super cute, super easy, super frugal. Okay, we will be making a bunch of these. Everyone is getting them!

  12. MaryAnne says

    Super cute, and something that would work as a gift for pretty much any adult =)

  13. Dear Valerie,

    I didn't see aaaaanything.


  14. Very cute and creative!

  15. Love the idea! I'm wondering if this would work with a photo on it too? Thinking of some ideas for Grandpas too…

  16. Raising a Happy Child says

    OK, I looked at three Father's Day ideas, and they all look great. Now which one to choose? Hmm…

  17. (V.Kerr) School Time Adventures says

    What a great idea!!!! I love it, so simple and so cheap..keep those ideas rolling!