Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make — Fish Magnets

For some reason, I tend to associate fish with dads. I think it’s because of Mark’s fish tank, and also my own father’s love of fishing. Emily and I had so much fun with this simple and frugal project — fish magnets! They are made using handles of old paintbrushes. In mind was this cute fishing game, so I sawed off the handles, and Emily got to work with the sanding!

Next, it was time to paint our beautiful fish!
Attach some magnets to the back, and give to Dad to admire proudly on the fridge!


  1. And then you can catch them with your magnetic fishing pool.

  2. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    Great idea for recycling old paint brushes!

  3. Raising a Happy Child says

    What an interesting idea! You are really absolutely amazing 🙂

  4. Very cute! You amaze me. I never would have looked at a paintbrush handle and thought fish. Very creative!

  5. Wonder Mom says

    My best bud over on Piecelove completed that fishing game herself:


    I am always AMAZED by how others can refashion on old object into something new…

  6. Love these! The game looks like a lot of fun as well!

  7. JDaniel4's Mom says

    These are so pretty. Any Dad would love to catch them at their house.

  8. Very clever! Great way to turn an old paintbrush into a fun kids art project.

  9. Using the paintbrush handles is a super creative idea! I would have never thought about that!
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  10. debt advice agency says

    Great idea with the paintbrushes

  11. Anonymous says

    We did the dot sticker fish craft today at my Daisy GS meeting and it was a huge hit, another mom "borrowed" the idea for her meeting tomorrow.

    I, too, associate fish with Dads. In fact, when I picture my maternal grandfather (who died in 2000 at 84) he is wearing his "fishing hat" and cursing up a blue cloud at a poor casting. (Fond memories, he was a real character.)

  12. Cute, creative and frugal. Is your fridge black or do they glow in the dark.

  13. looking forward to having a use for our old paint brushes!

  14. Congratulations, I often read your blog and I really like the activities you do with your kids! Claudia (Italy)

  15. Very cute! What kind of magnets did you use for them? I have tried making magnets in the past and it has never worked because the magnetic strips that I have purchased are very, very weak and barely stick to the fridge!


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