Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make — Circuit Board Pencil Holder

This was a fun stamping project Clara enjoyed, and we made a Father’s Day gift from it as well! We used some Mega blocks as stampers with white paint on green paper (to mimic the look of a circuit board). She had so much fun!!

Stamp, stamp, stamp!! I cut up some pieces of masking tape for her to add to the design. 
We used all sides of the block to make different designs. She added some scribbles with a white crayon too.
When she was all done painting, I let the paint dry, and then wrapped it around a tea tin to make a fun pencil holder for Mark’s desk. I think it will look nice next to his brag book made from computer disks.

Clara was quite proud of herself! Have fun!!


  1. That's so adorable!

  2. patronsinsurance says

    I think my three year old would really like this idea. He doesn't really get into Legos or blocks much, but now we have something to do with the ones we have. Thanks all the great ideas you share!

  3. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    Clara should be proud, it looks like she really put her all into that stamping – very sweet!

  4. htebazile says

    What a fun project, the end result looks great too!

  5. That is very cute! So has Mark been prohibited from reading the blog this month? LOL

    Clara is really growing… It's amazing how long her hair is now. I was noticing the same thing on my Anna. Not as long as Clara's, but she's stretching out and her hair is growing.

  6. Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) says

    What a cute idea! If only my 4 month old could actually make it we'd be making this for daddy.

  7. Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) says

    What a cute idea! If only my 4 month old could actually make this we'd be making this for daddy!

  8. Raising a Happy Child says

    It looks beautiful, and I agree that it goes really well with a brag book project. I saw your excellent post on NTFF too – I hope new people will visit here to enjoy your fantastic ideas.

  9. Wonder Mom says

    Ya know, it's just been so fun to watch Clara grow in her artistic expression…good job, girlie girl!

  10. Just Breathe says

    That came out so cute.

  11. This is different! My husband could use a new pencil holder.
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  12. Clara did a great job! What a cute idea.

    My kids made the coasters that you posted. They came out great. They will be on my blog (with a link to you of course) today. Thank you!

  13. Mama King says

    What a lucky Daddy! So much craftiness going on at your house. I am jealous!

  14. Val in the Rose Garden says

    That is SO cute! I love how she did it too… always looking for good ideas with Legos. 😉


  15. Lame Shrill Owl says

    This was a lot of fun. We made a blue one for our daddy, just as a nice gift for no reason in particular.

  16. Very clever idea!