LIVE and in HD… It’s FFFB!

I was interviewed for two segments LIVE this morning on 69 News at Sunrise to share some of my ideas for family fun on rainy days!

In case you missed today’s show, here are the clips:

Next, Eve Tannery and I had LOTS of fun gettin’ crafty!

Special thanks to Eve and the crew over at 69 News WFMZ for such a FUN morning!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    HD was nice to you. Are you sure they didn't do any digital alterations?

    I kid! You looked wonderful.


  2. Mommy Moment says

    LoL, I told you you were famous!

    I'm so glad you were my first featured blogger!

    You continue to amaze!


  3. Studio 4 Art says

    This is so wonderful. Great ideas that enhance the creative process!

  4. Congratulations. You deserve it. We have done several of your projects. My 2 year old loves them.

  5. SMMART ideas says

    Awesome! Look at you!


  6. Anonymous says

    We love your crafty projects too Valerie. You continue to inspire the creative side of me on a daily basis!
    Julie, Australia.

  7. AWESOME! You were so great.

  8. You did SOO well! Congratulations on the great tv segment. You were so articulate (I can imagine myself getting totally tongue tied!) and you looked great! Well done!

  9. You did look great, and you were so comfortable on television! Good for you!

    Great show.

  10. Great job and congratulations! I'm still jealous of the nice smooth stones your backyard has, ours are all jagged.

  11. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    So nice to "know" a celebrity. You are so natural on camera, it's just awesome!

  12. Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years says

    Woo Hoo!!! Congrats! You looked awesome!!

    And we love your blog — as always!!

  13. How cool!

    And, I didnt know you were from Allentown. I was spent a lot of time as a kid in allentown – tho I haven been there in 25 years!

  14. Great segments – my kids watched too =)

  15. How awesome that you were able to share all of your wonderful ideas with a television audience in addition to your bloggers. You did great!

  16. That's great… you're famous!

  17. Just Breathe says

    Girl, you are really going places.
    What is next, you own TV show?
    How wonderful, I am really excited for you.

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    I will show to my niece. Thanks.