Flowers as Canvas

Our Star Magnolia tree is just starting to bloom with beautiful white blossoms.

We trimmed some of the branches, and placed them in a vase. The girls LOVED coloring on the white petals with bright markers! Art and nature ….combined!
Clara took this coloring job very seriously. It’s hard work, being a crafty toddler, and all!
She did a lovely job, don’t you think?
I love Emily’s multi-marker approach — the blossoms looked like they had been splatter-painted!
I was surprised how well the blossoms held up to all that coloring. So much fun!!


  1. Mommy Moment says


    These are simply beautiful! Tell your girls they did a great job!


    Jody from Mommy Moment

  2. Beautiful. Now, I would never think of doing this. I must be missing the creative gene you were born with!

  3. What a neat idea! No flowers in sight where we live yet, but I'll have to keep this idea in mind.

  4. Raising a Happy Child says

    Very pretty! I like multi-marker approach as well.

  5. Dear Valerie,

    My precious star magnolia tree!!!


    You could probably stick the branches in a vase with colored water to make the flowers turn that color.

  6. Custom flowers, perfect idea!

  7. I cant get over how simple yet pretty this is!!

  8. I've only ever colored flowers Mark's way. Your's is much quicker.

  9. Wonder Mom says

    Ya know, Mark just NEVER knows what will be "re-purposed" while he's away at work, does he?

    Always an adventure at your abode…

  10. Hee hee hee hee, I better not let my kids see this after last week.
    Multi-marker approach just saves time, and you need to save that time if you're going to get all the crafting done.

  11. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Mommy Moment — Thank you! I passed along the message. They were so proud!

    @ Mark — There's this little thing I like to call "instant gratification". 😉

  12. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Christy — A few years ago, I kept a planner with boring things like appts, but I found that all my crazy ideas kept getting in the way. Now I keep an unlined notebook as an idea journal, with all sorts of doodles and sketches for projects. Mark makes fun of me for having soooo many notebooks! The hard part is trying to hold on to a really good idea while I'm in the middle of changing a poopy diaper, taking a shower, or doing something else that is completely mindless. THAT'S exactly when all the REALLY GOOD ideas happen! ARG!!

  13. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Wonder Mom — I know, right?? Poor guy! Hee hee!

  14. nice blog..Surprise to see colour blossom. Everything looks so perfect on your blog. Cutie in the pic is blooming like a flower.

  15. Absolutely Positive says

    That is brilliant! What a beautiful tree, and a beautiful little girl. She is obviously having a blast!

    Found you while hopping around on Friday Follow and McLinky. Hey…

    Check out my blog for an awesome give away!



  16. Just Breathe says

    That looks like fun. I'm sure you have done this but just in case you haven't it is fun to buy a bunch of white daisies and put food coloring in the water and the pedals change color.

  17. Miller Moments says

    What a fun idea! I would never have thought to do that.

  18. Magic Mummy says

    That looks like great fun….

  19. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    I have an award for you again. Come by and check it out.

    This award I think is really cool cause it is for a special blogging buddy.

  20. Night Owl Mama says

    Wish we had flowers like those around too cute luv the finished colored flower made a great pic I'd print it and put it in a frame in the kitchen or bathroom

  21. This turned out so fun! I love how deep in thought Clara is and the multimarker technique turned out prefect.

  22. Puanani503 says

    These are cute:) It's creative and I'd love to try that with my daughter. We're always trying to find something for us to do. Thanks for sharing:)


  23. says

    Those are gorgeous! I would love to see a vase full of colored flowers on my kitchen table. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.