Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Bubble Wrap is turning 50 years old this Monday! We’ll use any excuse to celebrate!!

We save and reuse this stuff all the time. It was the perfect excuse to bring it out for the girls to enjoy!
Bubble wrap was originally intended as a new kind of wallpaper, but soon after became used as insulation in greenhouses. Today this popular packing material provided lots of popping fun!

There was lots of jumping, throwing and catching… and lots and lots of POPPING!
Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I told you that I had to ship 30 packages of light bulbs tomorrow, and now my bubble wrap supply is completely gone.


  2. I had no idea that bubble wrap was having a birthday but you have to read my post today! We are thinking along the same wavelength – penguins and bubble wrap!

  3. We are big fans of bubble wrap too. I had it out painting with it one day. Cool stuff!

  4. Raising a Happy Child says

    I need to pull our bubble wrap out to celebrate in style 🙂

  5. Montessori Moments says

    Bubble wrap is also GREAT for painting with. Just paint the bubble wrap and press onto paper or card stock. Makes beautiful pictures!

  6. Mommy, I'm Home says

    You are such a cool mom!

  7. Reminds me of the Halloween I wrapped myself up in miles of bubble wrap (with a peach color body-suit underneath) and went to a party as an "Executive Plaything." Thanks for the memory.

  8. Booklover1212 says

    Great ideas!!

    Nice to know there's something older than me! 😉

    ~ Jennifer

  9. Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts says

    Happy Birthday Bubble wrap! My kids love that stuff!

  10. centralillinoisian says

    I love those pics! That looks like a lot of fun!

  11. jacque4u2c says

    These are just great photos!!!!!!!!!

  12. maryanne @ mama smiles says

    Bubble Wrap wallpaper? Thanks for all the fun bubble wrap facts – we have fun with bubble wrap at our house, too =)

  13. My kids love bubble wrap!
    we have been having fun with it all week!
    Now I know it has a birthday! Cool!

  14. It sure looks like they are having fun.

    I did not know that bubble wrap had been around for 50 years – thanks for the info!

    Bubble wrap is not just fascinating for little kids either, I have seen many an adult get giddy over popping the bubbles.

  15. Wonder Mom says

    How fun! It's SOOOO true- popping bubble wrap can be extremely addictive!

    We made Advent Calendars using Bubble Wrap in my 1st grade Sunday School class…


  16. 50 years of bubble wrap – I learn something new everyday!

    Your girls look like they are having so much fun with this bubble wrap, you can almost hear their laughter and giggles when you look at your photos.

    The penguin prints are gorgeous.

  17. Oh my goodness! How fun!

  18. that is so much fun! we love jumping on bubble wrap!

  19. Moderate Means says

    Looks like the kids loved it! Mine are thrilled when any shows up at our house. Their preference is to jump up and down on it while giggling like mad.

    Have you ever played with an online bubble wrap popper? My kids think it's just as amusing as they race to pop faster than one another.


  20. Just Breathe says

    Hard to believe it's 50 years. I reuse it all the time. It's so much fun to pop~pop~pop!

  21. katherinemarie says

    ohhhhh the joys of bubble wrap! Your girls looks soooo darling jumping in celebration!!!! Even my teenager can't resist a bubble jump.

    AND I'm with you— any excuse to celebrate is a good one! :):)

  22. learningandlivingbyfaith says

    That is so cool about Bubble wrap! Didn't know it was intended as wall paper!

    Loved the oatmeal idea too!

    Hope you had a good weekend!


  23. I was just thinking the other day that I should whip out the bubble wrap – it's been ages since we've done this!


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