Salty Snowman Picture

This was a fun Winter art project Emily and I both enjoyed during a pocket of time while Clara was napping earlier this afternoon. Emily loved how the salt made the snow seem so “realistic”. I loved that this did not involve glitter (a.k.a. what I affectionally refer to as “the herpes of all craft supplies”). Plus, salt is waaaaay cheaper!

To make your own salty snowman picture, you will need some salt, crayons, construction paper, paintbrush, and glue.
Start by drawing your snowman with the crayons. Emily didn’t leave quite enough room at the top of the paper for the snowman’s hat, but she loved how it looked as though it was blowing off his head in the wind!
Next, brush glue over the parts that will be covered with salt for a snowy effect.
Pour on the salt and shake any access off the paper. Here’s where a baking sheet is perfect for containing any mess.
I made a salty snowman picture too!
Added benefit of using salt instead of glitter — no need to worry about little ones getting some in their mouths.
Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    If you had used sugar, I'm sure there would have been a lot less snow on Emily's snow man.


  2. Infant Bibliophile says


  3. With my husband's hatred of glitter, I don't anticpate ever buying it or using it at home. Yes, salt is a perfect sub!

  4. Kitten Muffin says

    That's what we call glitter too. I think it's a Demetri Martin quote. I can't say no though, so we have the stuff everywhere and Paul frequently goes to work with random sparkly bits stuck to him. Playdough seems to pick it up off surfaces pretty well. I've had to resort to using a strip of packing tape to get it off my face though!

  5. @ Mark — I'm sure you are right about that!

    @ Kitten Muffin — Ha! Ever since I heard Demetri make fun of glitter, the phrase has stuck. I've heard of people using lint brushes for glitter clean up, and I suppose that would work fairly well. I'm not about to try and find out!

  6. Cute activity.

  7. Just Breathe says

    That is a great idea. Thank you.

  8. I love this! very frugal too πŸ™‚
    have to give it a try with my preschool kids and my daughter, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  9. ...they call me mommy... says

    Cute! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  10. Biancifiore says

    oh what a nice idea! today I'll make it with chiara! thanks!!! love

  11. We have done this before but not for a snowman picture – cute idea!

  12. What a cute idea! I love your blog – such cute ideas! My 2yo (almost 3) is getting to the age where I can start doing crafts with her – I can't wait to use some of the ideas you have on here with her!

  13. Mom and Kiddo says

    The other thing people don't realize about glitter: it is actually tiny pieces of plastic that will never decompose! And will probably end up in the belly of a bird or fish. I hadn't thought of salt as a substitute. Good idea.

  14. I think you did it… you got me! I may just have to do this one with the kids. Hmmm? But I like Mark's idea of sugar! Oh wait, I use raw sugar. I don't want dirty looking snow so I guess salt (sea salt, actually!) will have to do.

    Very cool idea. Thanks… Tell Emily I love the hat blowing in the wind.

  15. @ Ashley — That makes me very happy!

    @ Mom and Kiddo — I didn't realize that either, yuck! Salt works quite well, and we may use it for some other "glittery" projects too.

    @ Petula — Excellent, my work here is done. πŸ˜‰

  16. Great idea. I never would have thought to use salt.

    I love the hat blowing off Frosty's head.

  17. okay, i did it and i used glitter! tons of it! it looked awesome! and i linked to your post, too!

  18. Thanks for the wonderful idea! We did this activity today and it was fun!

  19. Your glitter comment cracked me up! Looks like fun!

  20. I love the texture.

  21. says

    Aww, that is so creative! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

  22. @ Rachel — You're welcome! Thanks so much for the link! I really appreciate it!! πŸ™‚

  23. So cute! I'll have to use this idea as a Sunday School project. Thanks!

  24. Nadia@FunWithMama says

    ahh now this is why i LOVE your blog… this is the perfect craft and i cant wait to try it! Deen would love making this snowman

  25. Very cute idea!

  26. Stacy of KSW says

    Yay! Adding this to my list of fun Xmas Advent projects to do with the kids

  27. I love the idea of using salt. I will be borrowing that idea.

  28. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    As usual, you crack me up. And now I'm re-thinking the three tubes of glitter I picked up at the rummage sale last month. Anyway, linked here. Thanks!

  29. Mom of Two says

    My daughter & I did this project today. And the (tape) snowflake one. You are my new favorite blog. Glad I stumbled across your blog.


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