5 Little Snowmen Play Set

Last year, my friend Erin and her two little girls taught Emily the Five Little Snowmen song. I had never heard it before, but it became an instant favorite of Emily’s and was sung over and over again in our household many times during the Winter months.

To go along with the song, I made a little play set out of felt. Emily loved re-enacting the song, building the snowmen, and then letting the sun come out to melt them all one by one. She especially loved building crazy snowmen all out of order and thought that was hilarious!
I cut out the shapes, and drew the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons on each snowman with a Sharpie. Easy!
Emily’s internet singing debut!!!

Five Little Snowmen
Five little snowmen, fat!
Each with a funny hat.
Out came the sun,
and melted one.
What a sad day was that!
Thank you, Erin, for sharing this fun song with us!


  1. That is so cute! The version I sang was slightly different but basically the same. I didn't have a fun felt set to use with my K class. Just die cuts I took down one at a time. That looks like a lot more fun.

  2. Emily did a great job singing. Such a cute poem. And who doesn't like a quick and easy felt board idea. Especially one that kiddos can play with for hours. Well,ok, minutes, maybe like 30mins. I am working with a 3 yr old here. 😉

  3. Dear Valerie,

    That sun sure is directional! Only one snow man at a time.

    I suppose if it were a normal sun, the song would simply be too short.


  4. pinkmilkisyummy says

    That is just too cute!

  5. I love Emily's video! This song is new to me, too, and I bet Emma would love a play set like yours. We'll be doing this activity for sure, thanks! =)

  6. That was so adorable! Emily is too cute!!!!!!!! Loved it.

  7. Emily clearly just enjoyed singing and playing with the snowmen. Who knew a easy and quick felt project could bring such a great gift of joy.

  8. That was so sweet! I let Lu watch it, and she wanted to watch i again and again!

  9. Little Family Fun says

    Hi there! I have been looking at your blog for about a month now and have just loved all the things you have shared! Your little girls are so adorable and I love that in practically EVERY picture they have the biggest smiles on their faces! You are a fantastic mother, that is for sure.
    I have recently started a blog where I am posting about crafts and activities that I am doing with my little preschooler. Feel free to stop by when you can!
    And Merry Christmas!

  10. Very cute. I love the felt set.

  11. Deborah J. Stewart says

    Love this idea – very cute and it looks like everyone is having so much fun. I love to combine felt board activities with simple songs!

  12. Awww… that was so super cute. Made even cuter by the singing. I've never heard that song either… love it. Now that was an easy one I could do with the kids. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Night Owl Mama says

    awww I love it

  14. Just Breathe says

    That is so cute. I love at the end when so said "Want to do it again", I bet she does it over and over again, right?

  15. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Thanks for the video, 'cause the song is new to me, too! (My fave part also was the offer to do it again at the end.) Linked. Fun!

  16. Bravo Emily! The kid, the song, and the felt set are all adorable.

  17. Thanks for the cute idea, made some snowmen for my girls after I saw your post. And a gingerbread scene too 🙂

  18. Adventure Mom Janna says