Handmade Holidays — Dolly & Me Lounge Pants

I had purchased one yard of pretty flannel fabric at JoAnn back when it was on sale, with the intention of sewing some cozy lounge pants for Emily. When the pants were done, I had just enough fabric leftover for a fun pair of matching pants for Dolly. Emily was so happy with these!

Dolly kept insisting that her pant legs were too long, but I told her she’ll grow into them.
The pants were very quick and easy to sew up, and I used a similar method to the one in Amanda Blake Soule’s book The Creative Family. I had made pants like these for Emily before from a pillowcase, but I think she loved the idea of Dolly matching!

I think I have a tiny bit of fabric leftover from this jumper, and if I do, I’ll be making a matching skirt for Dolly too!
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  1. Dear Valerie,

    I don't have any dolls, but when do I get my lounge pants?


  2. @ Mark — You and I both know that your lounge pants would quickly become my lounge pants. It's like that with every comfy piece of clothing you own, or should I say "used to own".

  3. Thanks for posting! Sounds easy to do. I will look forward to doing it for my baby girl.

  4. Stephanie Griffith says

    The pants are so cute!

    I voted for you!

  5. so cute! one day when my sewing gets better 🙂 but i'd better hurry before dd doesn't want matching dolly pants!

  6. So cute!! I love the matching set! I finally found someone to teach me how to sew, she lives down the road, which is great I am a betetr hands on kinda gal!

  7. Adorable!

  8. How hard was it to turn out those tiny doll pant legs? Did you use a pattern or just wing it? Can you tell I bought some cute flannel at JoAnn's yesterday and assume I'll have enough left over to make a cute pair of doll pants?!

  9. Adorable! I think every little girl is fascinated when they can have a doll – or even a little sister – match them. I think it's really cute.

  10. my older daughter when she was 4, i made her a dress and a matching one for her doll, the fabric looked a little like tapestry. walking down the street we used to get the funniest comments from people. all we needed was me to have a matching dress and we would look like the family from the sounds of music….(i forget their name..)


  11. That is so neat. I do not how to sew but if I did I would do the same.. Thanks for stopping by again..

  12. cute =)

  13. 1. Mark is awesome.

    2. I have to email you back. I have not forgotten you!

    3. I LOVE those pants. How cute are they!?! I am hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas from my mom and will use those for inspiration (see next blog entry). 😉

  14. @ Stephanie — Thank you so much for voting for us!!

    @ danita — I know what you mean, this stage seems to fleeting… I intend to make the most of it!

    @ Sherry — Yay! Soon you'll be sewing up a storm too, I'm sure!

  15. @ Ivy — Not hard at all to turn out the legs. I used an existing pair of Dolly's shorts as a sort of pattern, just made the legs longer (apparently a bit too long!). And I used thinner elastic for Dolly's pants than I did for Emily's. Very easy! I know you can do it!

  16. @ tali — Awwww.. You guys must have been so cute!!

    @ Adrienne — Oh, I do hope you get that sewing machine. So great to see you here again!

  17. How adorable! You got my vote!

  18. Oh soooo cute!!!!!