Cheap Thrills — Jumping for Joy Edition

For a fun time, locate a mattress.

Take it off the bed and place it on the floor.

Jump up and down!!!

For some magical reason, this activity never gets old.

Have fun!!

Note: Be careful not to fall off and bonk your head, or mama will call the doctor, and we all know what he will say….


  1. Dear Valerie,

    That's funny, because the Doctor would say the same thing that daddy would!


  2. 'no more monkey's jumping on the bed'! we have that rhyme in the uk too…
    adorable pictures.. have a happy weekend with no visits from the doctor!

  3. Mom and Kiddo says

    An all time favorite at our house, too!

  4. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Oh goodness! That is super fun at our house too. Ours comes along with Cyan playing loud music and singing as loud as she can. lol!

    As a little kid we had the matress from our crib that mom called "the jumpy matress"… She saved it so later, when we wanted to jump on our beds, we could pull them out and jump on them. I had mine until last year when we moved. It lasted 30 years!! It was under Cyan's bed. It served as a jumping matress, a sleep over pull out, and a fun portable place to lay and read books all the time.

    Love Val

  5. LOL… The looks on their faces is such pure joy! 🙂

  6. Just Breathe says

    They sure had fun! Great photos.

  7. Committed Recycler says

    We bought a trampoline when my little Jumpa Jumpa girls got too big for jumping on my bed… I think 40lbs of five year old excitement is more than I can handle indoors.

    But it is loads of fun….

  8. EntertainingMom says

    What would daddy say?

    No more monkeys jumping on the bed?!

    We did a great and frugal craft… I think you'll like it… love it? Come check it out!

  9. Stephanie Griffith says

    Such great smiles!

  10. We play a similar game called 'Crash Pad'. I take the cushions off the couch, cover the floor and we use the ottoman as our jumping off point. Great fun on a rainy day!

  11. Oh, to be a child again!!! What fun!!!

  12. We have this great album called "Drum Circle Sing-A-Long", and in that one, the doctor says "That's what you get for jumpin' on the bed!" LOL We've had it for months, and I only noticed the changed lyric a few days ago!

  13. My brother and I used to pile quilts at the bottom of the stairs, and jump off the stairs into them. First 2 steps, then 3 steps, then four… it's a wonder we didn't break any bones, but it was so much fun! 😀