Pumpkin Printed Halloween Treat Bags

Today’s project was inspired by Lisa Anne from Smell the Coffee, Lisa! She recently featured a great Halloween Spooktacular post with all sorts of neat crafty ideas. Lisa Anne plans to sew Halloween treat bags this year, and I thought that was a terrific idea, so we made our own too.

I made a very simple drawstring bag from some scrap fabric, and Emily enjoyed printing pumpkins on it with potato stamps.

She even made mini-pumpkins with her fingerprints. This was all her idea, and she was quite proud of herself.
The stems were also made using a potato.
She was having so much fun with this! I think she is greatly anticipating Halloween this year.

She is already envisioning this big bag filled with candy… oh my!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    First my beans and now my potatoes. When does it end? You best not figure out a way to craft with my scotch!


  2. Hi Valerie

    Mark shouldn't go putting ideas like that in your head!!! If he's not careful it will be the Scotch first, then who knows where your creative juices might take you?!?!

    These are such sweet bags for halloween. I agree with Emily, I can picture these fun bags filled to the brim with all sorts of treats.

    I am going to see if I can locate a copy of the book Seeds, seeds, seeds by Nancy Wallace. Sounds like a book that we would certainly enjoy.

  3. Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I totally cannot wait to make my bags for all the kids this halloween. Walmart has some really cool fabric!!

    Thanks to your sewing class and your instructions on how to make the simple bags, I am hoping they will be a breeze to make as I have to make 6 of them!!

    So I've seen this whole painting with potatoes before and I totally have to try it. Those pumpkins came out so amazing.

    Thanks again for the link to my blog and as always look forward to more of your great craft posts!!

  4. Emily is so photogenic. Super cool idea! Thanks.

  5. EntertainingMom says

    well you know me… it's always about the alcohol first and everything else is 2nd! 😉

    Did you plan to dress her in a matching outfit just for the Photo Shoot??? It's pretty darned cute!

  6. I've gifted you something on my blog. Oh I received the sewing email, however all it had was a PO BOX. Was I supposed to link somewhere to find out what I was supposed to do?

  7. Tres cute.

  8. Emily did a fantastic job, her little fingerprint pumpkins are my favorite!

  9. A Frugal Friend says

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing….I'm looking for ways my 2 year old can do simple crafts.

  10. Mark's comment is the best! It's probably they stick with the beans and potatoes for sure

  11. Next post: How to Decoupage a scotch bottle with decorative paper!

  12. It's good to be back and see what my blogger friends have been doing. What a great idea. (Went to visit Boston and Maine to see the fall foliage. It was breath taking.)

  13. @ Elise — You know me so well. How did you know he made the wheels spin in my head?

    @ Entertaining Mom — If Emily had it her way, she would wear orange every single day. She loves orange! You can't see in the photos, but she was wearing orange shoes that day too. 🙂

  14. @ Lisa Anne — Thanks so much, I'm off to check it out!

    @ Mama King — I was seriously thinking about that! LOL Too funny!

    @ Nilu — I'm so glad you're back! We've missed you!

  15. This is way cute and so much nicer than the old pillowcase I used to carry around!

  16. Orange Juice says

    That's so cute! Now if I could only sew! Well I CAN sew in a straight line…now if I only had a sewing machine..

  17. I love those pumpkin prints. We will be doing something very similar. Thanks for sharing.