Last-Minute Goody Bags from an Envelope

Emily asked if we could make some special Halloween goody bags to give out to her friends, but I am too lazy (and far too frugal) to go to the store and spend money on goody bags. In the end, she liked these handmade ones so much better! I think they would be perfect for last-minute party favors, but we’ve been battling some colds around here, so no parties for us anytime soon. Boo hoo! Grab some business-sized envelopes, enlist the help of the kids, and make your own goody bags in seconds. (Well, maybe a bit longer if you waste time tearing the house apart looking for envelopes because you can’t remember where you last placed them and you’re certain that the baby must have walked off with them… Not that it has happened to me, or anything…. I was… um… I was just sayin’.)

Here’s how to make your own:
1. Seal the envelopes.
2. Cut each envelope in half to make two goody bags. Yes, two goody bags from one envelope. So thrifty, right? Start with one half, and fold along what was the side of the envelope, about 1/4 inch in. This will now be the bottom of the goody bag. Unfold, and then fold along the top and bottom 1/4 inch of the envelope as shown.
3. Pop open your envelope to form your goody bag. My, aren’t you crafty??
4. Here’s what the bottom of the bag should look like.
5. For the candy corn, cut out strips of colored construction paper and glue together as shown.
6. Cut out triangles, as shown. (Great for the little ones who are just getting used to scissors!)
7. Attach to the bag, fill with candy, and pass out to friends!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I specifically hid the envelopes so that you would not make crafts with them. I don't know how you found them in the void in the wall behind the heavy hanging mirror.

    They go in the sub-basement next time. You'll never find the secret entrance!


  2. Haha! I know you've got to watch yourself, Mark! Everything is fair game. Don't be surprised if your socks end up with googly eyes staring up at you!

    Valerie, I think the bags came out so cute! I would never have guessed they came from envelopes. I also like the easy candy corn demo. Thanks!

  3. Very, very cute!

  4. the bags came out so cute! And yes they are very thrifty! Thanks for the idea, I think we will whip some up for our friends!

  5. Very cute idea, and so easily customized for different holidays/themes =)

  6. This is very cute and would be a great craft project for our neighborhood Halloween party. I like to recycle for the projects and it needs to appeal to a wide range of ages — PERFECT! 2009's just happened, but there's always next year…


  7. Oh I LOVE this!!! I needed bigger ones for the party I just went too or these would so have been the way to go! I made the good ol' plastic baggy with paper topper kind. Frugal enough since I used paper from my donate pile.

  8. Stephanie Griffith says

    This post is so well timed! I had just resolved to go out and buy goody bags for Cheyenne and Isabella's classmates.

    What a great idea!

  9. Val in the Rose Garden says

    You are brilliant. I have decided.


  10. These are adorable little goodie bags and I love that I can make them with stuff I already have around the house!

  11. How on earth does your brain come up with all these wonderful ideas? These are fantastic, I like that they are so simple and most people would have the supplies on hand.

    Your autumn leaf garland is wonderful. It would make any space so much cosier. To think of all the times I have ironed pieces of wax paper together with bits of crayon shavings in between and it has never occured to me to put other things such as leaves inside. Now my mind is racing with all the possibilites.

  12. Great creativity!

  13. Mark and Valerie – Who built your house? Sub-basements and anti-gravity rooms? I am so jealous.

    LOVE the goody bags. Super cute. I have a box of 500 business sized envelopes (it was a really good deal) so I am happy to use some for crafts or goody bags!

  14. Genius!