Fabric Crayon Wallet Giveaway

It seems it is the birthday season for many of Emily’s little friends, so I was trying to find something cute to make for each of the girls. These fabric crayon wallets were perfect! I made the first one for Emily to give it a good test run. She’s been writing and drawing tiny love notes ever since!

I purchased the pattern from JCasa’s Etsy Store, and it was very clear and easy to understand. While it is a big step up from our original felt crayon wallets, I would still classify it as a beginner’s sewing project. I cannot wait to make more of these for Emily’s friends, and I thought you might like one for your junior artist too!

To enter for your chance to win one of these adorable crayon wallets, leave a comment on this post with your email address in the comments field. Blog/tweet/facebook about this giveaway and you’re in for three more entries. Just be sure to come back here and comment again with the link to your post.
Giveaway ends Saturday, October 10th @ 6:30pm EST and winner will be chosen by random.org. Good luck!!


  1. These are so cute!

  2. Amy@GrowingLikeTrees says

    That's really cute! I can see those being a great in-the-car activity!

    My email is:

    crazydavises [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Ok, you know I'm in. It's adorable.


  4. Pleas, please, please???

  5. I tweeted- http://bit.ly/vRMGH

  6. I also posted on Facebook-http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215782021&ref=nf#/profile.php?id=1215782021&v=wall&ref=nf

    Hope that works, wasn't quite sure how to do it.

  7. soooo cute!


  8. Lovely and practical, too!
    maryeliz88 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Mamas Little Bears says

    So neat, my girls would just love this!!

    Please enter me.


  10. Carly Jane says

    I love the button you used!


  11. I have seen these but not as elaborate as this one…too cute

  12. Satsuki Rebel says

    I wish I could sew like this- so cute!

    satsukirebel AT hotmail DOT com

  13. So cute! My 2 year old daughter would be a huge fan :o)

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  14. cute! That would be perfect to take to church!

  15. I love these – they're always so cute…I keep swearing that I am going to make one on my own, but I can never even find time to get the fabric cut! Fun giveaway! πŸ™‚

    heidikundin at yahoo dot com

  16. so cute!

    k.hofferberth at gmail dot com

  17. I tweeted!


    k.hofferberth at gmail dot com

  18. These are adorable! Great idea to make as bday gifts!! Thanks for the chance to win-


  19. Super Random Girl says
  20. Lil' Ms. P says

    Love it.


  21. Lil' Ms. P says
  22. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Thanks for the chance!
    nettacow at gmail dot com

  23. Infant Bibliophile says

    So cute! And I love that you make handmade gifts for birthday parties.

  24. ~*~ Stephanie ~*~ says

    I love these! I've been looking at trying to learn how to make one since my son is starting to become interested in coloring more!

  25. Committed Recycler says

    I'm poepadoe@yahoo.com

    so cute..

  26. This is very cute–great gift idea!

  27. That is really cute. All of my children would love one, but I think I would love to have one for my middle daughter Amareah. She's a wonderful artist. petulawrites@yahoo.com

  28. Please enter me!

    blairbailey (at) catholic.org

  29. The girl who painted trees says

    I've been wanting to make something like this, but with a 2 month old and 2 year old, I haven't had time lately.

  30. MamaFeelgood says

    Totally cute!
    cheshiresmile at gmail dot com

  31. Stephanie Griffith says

    Oooh I want one! I could use it with the crayons my middle kid gave me for my birthday. πŸ™‚

    stella2355406 at yahoo dot com

  32. :o) Rachel says

    Adorable!! I have several who would love this!!
    trulyrich7 at yahoo dot com

  33. These would be a cute idea to make for quiet activities (I'm thinking at church!) xmenmommy@stoutbytes.com

  34. Michele P. says

    These are very cute, and perfect for when you are on the go, at a restaurant, etc… and want to keep your little artist busy!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  35. Michele P. says

    tweeted here: http://twitter.com/micaela6955/status/4700139012

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  36. wrknprogres says

    What a creative idea! Love it!

    wrknprogres80 at gmail dot com

  37. Stacy of KSW says

    I'm so glad you made these!! I've been working on my own fun, recycled version for awhile now. I can't wait to show it to you. If I ever finish it, it would be fun to trade versions. We could even have Email & my oldest write each other a cute little message on the notepad. How fun! Suddenly, I have a renewed interest in finishing this project. Thanks

  38. The Domestic Contessa says

    Blogged about you here:


    funfrugally at yahoo dot come

  39. I love this! Count me in!

    klnewton at netzero dot net

  40. This would be a great idea to get started on Christmas gifts for kids too! doristowell@yahoo.com

  41. This would be so awesome to use in the car. Hope to win!

  42. What a great idea!!

  43. mom2triplets04 says

    Love this. I'm in


  44. mom2triplets04 says
  45. mom2triplets04 says
  46. Nadia@FunWithMama says

    oh this looks great!


  47. very cute! Lu would love one!
    My email is:

  48. It does look very nice!!

    I'd love one!
    derekannette at gmail dot com

  49. When I was in kindergarten or first grade we were very poor and my mom didn't have enough money to even buy a crayon box for me to take to school. Instead she made something similar to this out of an old washcloth she had at home. I loved it, and kept it for years… I have no idea what eventually happened to it.

  50. Love it!
    My e-mail is

  51. I love this! Great for restaurants and on the go!

    kimmymp @ gmail.com (no spaces)

  52. I love this! Thanks for the chance to win one.


  53. I also blogged about your giveaway.


  54. Steed Family says

    So adorable! What a great idea!


  55. Super cute. I want one. smellthecoffeelisa@live.com

    I don't tweet, facebook or myspace. Grrr.

  56. too cute! especially to tuck in the purse for on the go!!!

  57. This is so very cute. It would come in so handy for my 4yr old while we wait for big sister during practices! Tweeted about this too πŸ™‚


  58. These are so so smart! I wish I could sew so that I could give them away as gifts!!!


  59. I want one!

    amlafuria [at] yahoo [dot] com

  60. Super cute!


  61. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Ooo…. I want to be on the list! Logan would love that. πŸ™‚

    Love Val

    PS Feeling human today. Thanks for all the sickie love. It helped. πŸ™‚

  62. Mary/Mommyof5! says

    What a great idea! Perfect for my super craft loving 7 year old!!

    jeffmary3 at yahoo dot com

  63. my niece has one of these & loves it. My son would love one too πŸ™‚

    jnanjnw25511 at yahoo dot com

  64. I forgot to add my E-mail. nilufarbk@yahoo.com

  65. This is so cute. I've thought about making one so it would be great if I didn't have to.


  66. I've seen something like this before but the ones here are so much better and super cute too.


  67. adorable,i want to win!

  68. This is beautiful! I especially like the fastener for it. Emma would love one of these…

    thriftycraftmama at gmail dot com

  69. That is really cute! My daughter would LOVE that!


  70. Amanda Pedro says

    I love this wallet!! My daughter would LOE this right now. She's even using the same kind of notepad and the loose pages are driving me crazy. nice to add that pocket.

    Thanks so much for the offer….

  71. Amanda Pedro says

    I've blogged about this giveaway, and here is my email address I forgot to put on the last entry:


    thanks again

  72. Livin' the Yeh Life! says

    What a clever and fun idea… Pick me!! cara@caradaniel.com

  73. This is so adorable! I love it =]


  74. This is great! Do you sell them? I would love to have one for my kids for church.


  75. This is awesome! Both my daughter and son would love it! It looks great for keeping my son busy while we're waiting for his sister at piano or dance class! I love your site-we've done a few of your craft ideas-recently, the "spider pumpkins" with the handprints and googly eyes. It helped take the kids' minds off their flu! And they're so cute! My email is cm1076@zoom-dsl.com

  76. I hope to be able to make one of these after the sewing class! I'm taking the classes one week at a time πŸ™‚ rebecca.hargett@gmail.com

  77. robin_titan says



  78. Ooh, my kiddos would be fighting over this!

    melanie0011 at gmail dot com

  79. Into The Wildness says

    Too Too Adorable!

    eggsandflour (at) gmail (.) com

  80. Creative Triplet Mom sent me! Neat idea!

    robnt [at] faithandfamilybooks [dot] com

  81. You may see my tweet about it here


  82. Iamredeemed says

    Oh, I love this! Im sure my kids would as well…lol Crossing my fingers and hoping Im picked! πŸ™‚
    Laura ~ iamredeemed_99@yahoo.com