Spooky Spider-Printed Pumpkins

The only one who’s crazy about carving pumpkins in our household is Mark. Emily and I would prefer to paint on ours, thank you very much. These spider-printed pumpkins were fun and easy to make! Keep some baby wipes on-hand to keep the mess to a minimum.

To make your own spider-printed pumpkins, you will need some black paint, a pumpkin, a paint brush and some baby wipes.
First, brush some paint on your child’s palm and four fingers.

Make a hand print on the pumpkin as shown.
Next, wipe off that hand with a baby wipe to get rid of the paint, and brush your child’s opposite palm and four fingers with black paint.
Now, overlap the palm of the first print with the palm of this new hand print.
Allow the paint to dry, and add some googly eyes!
Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I don't understand why you do not like carving pumpkins. It's not like I make them scream in terror as I cut them apart. Anymore.


  2. Okay, Mark, I wouldn't like carving pumpkins with you either! Just kidding.

    I love the spider pumpkins. Great idea.

  3. Oh how fun, I've done spider handprints before but never thought to add them to a pumpkin before.

  4. That looks way more fun than carving pumpkins. Did Mark really make them scream when he cut them. LOL. I might have to do that to my son when we carve ours this year. We haven't had a lot of success in carving the past few years. Those kids saftey knives always break. Annoying! Maybe this year will be the year they don't break!

    Yes I purchased all of the supplies to make the flower boxes at the dollar store. Everything except the ribbon. the orange was from walmart the other was in the $1 section of Michaels. I can't wait to see if you make them!

  5. Your pumpkin (and Mark's comments) made me smile. I just hung a spider print L did in kindergarten last year on the closet to start decorating for Halloween. Such a fun time of year!!!

  6. Hi Valerie

    I had a chuckle as I read your hubby's comment.

    I would rather decorate a pumpkin with paint any day. I am not a fan of carving either. Although when I see some of the spectacular designs that people create I am inspired by their brilliance.

    I like the idea of using handprints to make spiders. Fun idea.

  7. Great idea, I love the googly eyes.

  8. Great idea and so cute.
    We are so sad. Last year we had 13 pumpkins in our garden and this year we only have 2. Boo Hoo. Not sure what happened. Oh well.
    We did plant a few plants that produce those little tiny pumpkins and we do have a bunch of those. Besides just painting them do you have any ideas? We have white ones and orange ones.

  9. Mom and Kiddo says

    I also prefer painting to carving, esp. as my son will not help me scoop out the goop. Plus, they last so much longer!
    I love this idea. So creative.

  10. Cute! The spider looks great crawling on Emily's pumpkin. I agree with you Valerie, no carving for me!

    If you are going to put your pumpkins out side you may want to use an acrylic paint. We made some painted pumpkins last year and the moment it rained our pumpkins were naked again. Although fun to paint again 🙂

    One downside – acrylic doesn't wash out of clothes though.

  11. Whimsical Creations says

    Cute idea.

  12. handprint painting is tight up my alley! THis is a great idea, now if only I can get the baby to cooperate…

  13. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Oh! So cute! Logan would love that! (He loves googly eyes.)


  14. @ Lisa Anne — It's true! Carving pumpkins is so gloopy to begin with, but when Mark adds the screaming.. Ewwww! I let him carve one every year. Emily and I just stick to painting them!

  15. @ Mama King — This one's been in our kitchen for the most part, but you're right about the acrylic paint for outdoors. I've let Emily use acrylics a few other times, as long as we do the project outside and she's in "art" clothes. She loved paper marbling with acrylic paints!

  16. @ Cindy — We only had four from our garden this year. Some weird fungus seemed to take them out. 🙁 We were happy with the four we ended up with… they turned out to be so cute!

  17. I like how you have the death grip on her precious little arm while you are painting her hand 😉

  18. Awesome! You know Valerie, I think I might do this idea for Halloween cards. I was trying to think of something cute to send in the mail. I think you hit the jackpot with this idea.

  19. The Mumpowers says

    I LOVE this idea and am totally doing it with my 1 year old!

  20. @ America — Hahahaha!

  21. Cenzi Stiles says

    I am gonna use your idea, but for orange paper instead and keep on carving and cutting pumpkins!!!

  22. What a fun idea! My daughter loved painting the pumpkins last year! We'll have to try it – good for orange paper, too, like someone suggested!

    Thanks for participating in Fall Family Fridays!

  23. Super great idea. Love it.