Simple Tip to Reuse Workbooks

We go through several workbooks in this household, so I was trying to come up with an easy way to reuse them and save them for when Clara is a little older. This seemed to work the best, and it’s also very frugal.

To reuse sheets from a workbook, tear out the pages, and place them in plastic sheet protectors. Your child can write on them using dry-erase markers.

I found that the marker doesn’t wipe off on their hands, but it easily wipes off of the sheet protector using a felt eraser!
Now we get a lot more mileage out of those workbooks!
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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Are my sheets now unprotected? I feel so vulnerable. Put that coffee away!!


  2. You are clever! Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

  3. @ Mark — Wait til you see what I do with your pocket protecters next week. You feel vulnerable now?? That's a real exercise in trust. πŸ˜‰

    @ sunnymama — You're very welcome!

  4. Thats genius!! I was making copies, but thats so much better!

  5. We do this too! C and R are 19 months apart so I want to save all of the workbooks, dot to dots, etc. It's a great tip!

  6. That is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments! Geez, I've been buying them new ones. I have those page protectors upstairs.


  7. What a great idea!

  8. Just had a thought, this would be a great tip for Make-Do Monday if you wanted to share it there next week πŸ™‚

  9. @sunnymama — Thank you! Yes, I'll be sure to link up there. Fun!

  10. The Bell Fam says

    Brilliant! Thanks.

  11. Diann @ The thrifty Groove says

    Very good tip!

  12. Oh, I do this! Only, I keep the pages in a 3-ring binder, and move the sheet protector from one place to the next. I use this method to use and reuse curriculum with my kiddoes without wasting paper or money. I love it!

  13. Dear Valerie,

    Ha ha! The joke's on you! I don't have pocket protectors! In fact, I rarely use pens and pencils at work anymore.


  14. Great idea!!!
    I just have to find out what a dry-erase is in italian πŸ˜›
    But i guess my little boy would like it very much.
    Thank you Valerie!

  15. EntertainingMom says

    now aren't you the clever one… but my kids are funny… with workbooks and such they never do that stuff more than once. Not so frugal, eh?!

  16. I love your blog- the activities you plan for kids are achievable by an actual preschooler, and quick enough that they can see a project through to the finish themselves! So many mama crafters seem to care more about the aesthetics of the finished piece, and how it will 'go' with their decor rather than letting their kids go wild with the tape and paint. (Not that your activities aren't cute!)
    If you don't have a white-board marker to draw on your laminated mazes and dot to dots, use a regular texta (felt tip marker?) and it comes off with butt wipes, but I have to ration the wipes out or my two boys would use up a whole stack for the fun of it.

  17. Mom and Kiddo says

    I just posted about this, too! I love that I don't have to constantly print pages out from the computer.

  18. I'm going to tell my neighbor this. I think this is a great idea for her.

  19. We do this too, but I switched to using crayola washable markers because they come out of clothes (and still wash off of these with a little water). Emily is probably old enough not to draw on herself/her clothes, but it's a good tip for younger kids.

  20. That is such a good idea. I was thinking about the children's workbooks the other day. My youngest often nabs them and scribbles in them after the kids use them. I try to keep her from writing on the unused ones. I've been getting the workbooks from the dollar store too so they aren't too expensive, but this is a great way to save even more!

  21. Such a great idea!!

  22. Wow, great tip! Thanks!

  23. This is such a great idea! I had been making copies as well! What a duh moment! πŸ™‚ I've linked to this on my site. Thanks again for the great tip!

  24. heathermommie says

    Thank you sincerely for saving me a zillion dollars on ink!

  25. I use the cute drawings in used workbooks for collages.