A Special Baby Gift

A close friend of mine is expecting her first baby any day now.

[UPDATE: Just hours after publishing this post, she had a healthy baby boy! We are so happy for her!!!]
I will take any excuse to get crafty, but wanted to do something really special for her. I enlisted the help of our mutual friend, Maelee (pronounced MAY-Lee — isn’t that the prettiest name?), to help me put together a fabulous gift of handmade baby items!!

The only problem was Maelee didn’t know how to sew. *gasp* The horror!! Well, we quickly resolved that issue! Here’s Maelee learning to use the serger. She did quite well and it was so much fun!!
We made all sorts of baby items, and what I loved the most about this project was that almost everything was repurposed and made with love for the new baby. Maelee and I enjoyed some quality time together. Mark kept asking why we needed wine, chocolate, and latin music to do sewing. *Pffftt*
Here are the baby pants we made from these pillowcases. Sewing for babies is ideal for a beginner’s sewing project. It uses such little fabric, and the seams are quite short. Baby pants are especially easy, since the seams are mostly straight or just slightly curved. I used a pair of Clara’s pants as a pattern.
We also made flannel and fleece baby blankets using the serger.
We had to make some baby bibs from old jeans too. So cute!!
And my personal favorite — burp clothes!
We wrapped everything up in tulle and used a bassinet basket.
Fun stuff — If you don’t know how to sew, but would like to learn I’m considering offering a free online workshop for beginners if there is enough interest. If that is something that would interest you, please leave a comment. I think everyone should learn how to sew! Come on, you can do this, and it will be so much fun!!!


  1. I am 47 years old and don't know how to sew. I have always wanted to learn, but never got the chance. I have a sewing machine that is brand new and I have never used it. I am scared to! I would love some instruction!
    Thanks for the offer,

  2. I definitely want to be part of this. I have to get a sewing machine.

    By the way, I just found out that I can make ice cream in my blender (Blendtec) so I don't have to get an ice cream maker to try that peach ice cream. I can't wait.

  3. @ Phyllis — That is so fabulous, I would love to have you join us! I was really scared too — the machine can be intimidating, but this will be a fun way to learn in your own time and at your own pace. I hoping we get a good response!

    @ Christy — This is great news about the blender, and I'm so excited you will be joining us!

  4. EntertainingMom says

    oh will you teach me how to sew?!!!!!

  5. Drea (Monkey Monkey Underpants) says

    I would love to take your workshop! I just bought a sewing machine a couple months ago and a friend has taught me a couple of things, but I am still a little terrified of trying something on my own!

  6. TheMadHouse says

    I am the daughter of a mother who was an expert and sewing and it is something that I never wanted to do and also I would never have been as good as my mum, well now she has Arthritis and no longer sews unless she has to and once my children were born I had an urge to become more crafty.

    So I would love to be able to come out from under my mums apron and learn to sew. I have her old machine and she also has an overlocker (I believe you call them a serger).

    In sort yes please!!!!

  7. What a lovely gift, it looks like you had fun making it, too!

  8. :o) Rachel says

    I would love a sewing lesson!!

  9. Ok, please teach me. My mother sews, but I'm scared of my machine. I'd love to make my daughter a skirt.


  10. Bona Fide Mama says

    It's on my to do list for 09: learn to use my sewing machine! That would be such a blessing. I have all kinds of sewing projects in my head!

  11. I would love to learn my hubby got me a mechine for my last birthday.

  12. Berry Patch says

    I would love to learn. I have my grandmother's machine & very little idea what to do with it. πŸ˜‰

  13. What a WONDERFUL gift!! Your friend will love it!

  14. I know how to sew, but I haven't really conquered a pattern. Once I started making a shirt for my best friend (my daughter's godfather) and a girlfriend of mine had to finish it for me 'cause I'm not good with the pockets or button holes.

    I think an online workshop would be cool. My interest in sewing has waned some, but it would be nice to learn something more. My grandmother, who used to make all of my clothes when I was a child, taught me to sew and I taught my oldest daughter. I've even repurposed clothes by hand… I guess I don't have the patience anymore.

    I think the things you two made for the baby are so sweet. I'm really impressed. I think the bibs are my favorite. They look like they're designer bibs. πŸ™‚

  15. Please help me learn to sew too! πŸ™‚ I begged my hubby for a sewing machine 5 years ago and still haven't even opened the box! πŸ™

  16. I just started, but would love help!

  17. My mom never knew how to sew and I've always wanted to learn and be able to teach my girls. I think it's such a handy skill. I love to make things too. I would LOVE to learn.

  18. I have made curtains and such but would love to get beyond that and actually feel like I knew what I was doing. Would love this! Just gotta get my machine out of storage.


  19. bookworm0709 says

    I learned how to sew as a small girl, but haven't practiced much since. I have a pattern and material to make shirts for my girls, but am afraid to start for fear of messing it all up. Please keep us informed about your class.

  20. I learned how to sew a bit growing up but don't remember much! I would definitely be interested!

  21. Infant Bibliophile says

    Wow, wish I had friends like you when I was pregnant. πŸ˜‰ I would love to follow along with any lessons. I can make quilts, but have never made any clothing. Buttons, elastics, gathering, pleats, all make me cower in fear. But I have an entire dresser full of quilting fabric I could use to make adorable clothes.

  22. I would love to take part too!

  23. Stephanie Griffith says

    That is a fabulous baby gift! I love your idea!

    "Mark kept asking why we needed wine, chocolate, and latin music to do sewing. *Pffftt*"

    Men just don't understand.

  24. ScottChrisCoriCassiCali says

    I don't know how and have what looks like a beautiful machine. I don't even know how to put the thread on or in. πŸ™ I'd love the help.

  25. Yes, please teach me. It's a great excuse for me to get out and buy that machine I've wanted to.

  26. Amy's Stocking Stuffers says

    I don't have a sewing machine so can't take part, but I have been following your blog with interest for several weeks now. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your ideas and knowledge!

    And I *will* learn to sew one of these days! πŸ˜‰

  27. Oh I would love to learn how to sew something other than a straight line for curtains. THe baby clothes you did are oh so adorable. Sign me up for your workshop!

  28. Satsuki Rebel says

    I would to learn how to sew again. I tried it for awhile in high school but don't remember most of what I learned.

  29. I know how to sew, but am always looking for new techniques and different views on how to do things. I cn make up my own designs but I can't really follow patterns so well. It doesn't make sense, but thats the way it goes!

  30. I would love to see this also. I can sew a straight line, sort of. But would love to learn more!

  31. I am a new sewer also! Please let me know about your online class πŸ™‚

  32. Thanks so much for this!!! Dh and I are in our mid-twenties – a LOT of our friends were/are due this year. This is a wonderful idea. I sew mostly straight lines, but am looking to expand my sewing know-how. Would love to read more πŸ™‚

  33. I'd probably take the course! I can make "straight things," like pillows, etc. But definitely not clothes. I have a brand new sewing machine in a box that I am way too overwhelmed to even open. I always have my mom come prepare the bobbin for me. (I can do it sometimes.) :0

  34. Hmmm…I really might be interested. πŸ˜‰

  35. I so wish I had a sewing machine so I could learn how to sew!!


  36. I just made my 2 year old daughter a pair of pj pants from a pillow case! Thank you for the great idea! I wish i could post a pic of them on here…..