Free Flowers and Hugs

One of Emily’s favorite things to do is “make deliveries”. This morning was spent preparing to make a special delivery to some of the residents at our local assisted living facility. We gathered up all the tissue paper and pipe cleaners we could find, and got to work making lots and lots of tissue paper flowers.

Once the basket was full, we spritzed them with a bit of perfume! They looked and smelled so cheerful. Next, it was delivery time!
The reactions were fabulous! Free hugs and flowers??? Yes, please!

So much fun!!


  1. Emily has the sweetest face, I love her smile!

    Valerie the flowers were a fantastic idea, I cant wait to do something like this with my boys. There is a nursing home here that I volunteered at when I was a teenager. I think Elijah would enjoy visiting but Josiah is REALLY shy with other people.

    How did you make the flowers?

  2. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    LOVE this. What a blessing you and your family are!

  3. Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas!


  4. What an amazing lesson for Emily! The flowers look so pretty. Do you know someone in the facility?

  5. @ Christy — We don't know anyone living at this facility, but we have visited before with our MOMS club and Emily asked to go back to see all the "great grandmas and great-grandpas". She thrives on all the attention!

  6. @ Ally — The first time we visited, Emily was a little shy too, but she quickly warmed up to everyone and loved making everyone smile and laugh! I'm sure you and the boys will really love this. We can't wait to go back again!

  7. Stephanie Griffith says

    What a wonderful thing to do!

  8. How cute! I know of a grandma that would LOVE those, flowers that don't die!

  9. Melissa @ A Child at Play says

    Oh my word, I love it! A craft and a life lesson on charity, can it get any better?

  10. She must have brightened their day.

  11. Val in the Rose Garden says

    What an amazing idea! What a blessing to all of those folks today. 🙂 You are an amazing mom.


  12. La Dolce Vita says

    You have really been inspiring me!

    We love do service projects, but hadn't thought of this one. It is the perfect family project. We may copy you, so your kindness will double!

    Happy weekend!

  13. This is beautiful in so many ways!

  14. oh how sweet.

  15. Very, very nice.

  16. you and your daughter are amazing!!!
    do you call ahead or just show up at the nursing home?

  17. @ shumim — Awww… thanks so much! This was completely spontaneous, so we just showed up. They were just finishing up with lunch, and when it was time for us to leave we heard lots of "come back and visit us ANY time"!! Really, we felt very welcome.

  18. EntertainingMom says

    Super! What a treat for the older folk as well as for Emily!!

  19. What a fabulous thing to do!

  20. Wonderful activity 🙂

  21. Oh that is so sweet! What a great thing you are teaching her… that's great. And the flowers are beautiful.

  22. That is awesome!

  23. Bona Fide Mama says

    How wonderful. What a great blessing.

  24. They look pretty, and what a wonderful thing to do! Emily looks very happy and I'm sure the residents she visited were too 🙂

  25. These are beautiful!! How did you make your flowers. I would love to try this with Emily.

  26. Oh great idea. We have our 4-H dog club and our junior 4-H club make Valentines that we distribute at our local assisted living facility every year. The residents love to talk to the kids and pet the dogs. I think this year we will have to add the tissue flowers too. Thanks for the idea!