Crafting with Recyclables – Napkin Rings

Here’s a craft that is sure to make meal time just a bit more fun! Emily fell in love with this cherry-printed ribbon the minute she first saw it. The red napkins were a clearance bargain from Target during their after-Christmas sale.

To make your own napkin rings, you will need a paper towel roll, scissors, some ribbon, and a bit of tape. Mark your paper towel roll where you want to cut to make each napkin ring. Ours were 1 1/2″ wide. Cut the roll with scissors using the lines as your guide.

Invite your child over to decorate the napkin rings with their artwork. We used markers, although paints would work very nicely for this as well. Just be sure to allow them to dry completely. This was Emily’s favorite part!
Add a bit of ribbon to each napkin ring and secure with a piece of tape. That’s it!

I love how her scribbles peek out from underneath the ribbon. So cheerful, and so easy to do! Have fun!!


  1. Bona Fide Mama says

    Fun idea! How did you cut the tube so evenly?

  2. That is cute especially to use when her friends and their parents are coming over… or grandparents. 🙂

  3. Love this. We use cloth napkins and I'm always worried about them being wrinkled when we have guests, but I'm really not interested in ironing napkins. You just solved my problem!

  4. aprilfoolwed says

    Very cute! We just invested in 20 cloth napkins from the clearance bin at Kohl's (80% off minus another 30% – yay!). We'll have to make some of these to go with our new napkins – and I love that we can make several sets to go with the different seasons!

  5. Very cute idea, Emily's scribbles add the perfect touch!

  6. Love that ribbon.

  7. Hi Valerie

    This is one of our favourite things to do when it comes to making decorations for our table. Your cherry ribbon is adorable and your new napking rings look festive and fun.

    I was so excited to see that you linked to my blog in your previous post. Thank you so much Valerie – it made my day.

  8. What a great idea. I think my daughter and I will be making these for her 6th birthday party!!

  9. Mom and Kiddo says

    Well, along with empty salt containers, I have been hoarding paper towel rolls. I sound crazy, I know, but at least we rarely use paper towels so I don't have too many! But now we have a fun project. Thanks!

  10. Stephanie Griffith says

    Those are so cute!

  11. EntertainingMom says

    Clever! Great for a large family gathering such as at T-giving! Btw, you've been tagged!

  12. I like those! Next time we have people over, I'll commission Little bear to make some napkin rings for everyone!

  13. Nature crafts are the best, especially in the summer!

  14. Val in the Rose Garden says

    So cute! Tell Emily I like the cherry ribbon too!


  15. wedding napkins says

    I like that one! Thanks for sharing this great and creative idea! Got to try this sometimes….