No Sew, Super-Frugal Tutu for Dolly

This no sew tutu was quick, easy, and practically free! It is perfect for Dolly, and Emily did most of the work on this project. To make your own, you will need some plastic netting (I used two empty bags from lemons), scissors, and ribbon.

Cut the bag down one of the long sides and then begin cutting it into strips about 1 1/2 inches wide.
Wrap the ribbon around the doll’s waist twice and cut. Then, tie knots on either end of the ribbon where it meets at the doll’s waist. This is where you will tie your bow when the tutu is finished.
Fold the strips of netting in half to make a loop, and thread the tails of the netting through the loop, going around the ribbon. Once I showed Emily how to do this, she attached most of the netting herself.

Pull taut and slide down the ribbon as shown. Repeat these steps until the ribbon is filled with knots of netting down to the other knot on the ribbon.

Tie the ends of the ribbon around to make a bow around the doll’s waist, and you are done!


  1. MaryAnne says

    Cute. I love that Emily mostly made it, too.

  2. Cute! My daughter cut a small circle out of fleece, poked a hole in the middle and said she made a finger tutu…kids are cleaver. It latter ended up on a Polly Pocket. She's making clothes already – Love it!

  3. *later*

  4. @ Sarah — Awww.. that is so cute! I'm always amazed at what kids come up with. What a great imagination!

  5. pucktricks says

    Very cute.

  6. Tutu are always a hit. Another fun idea.

  7. sunnymama says

    How sweet! I find those bags come in useful for all sorts of things 🙂