Frugal Wall Organizer

Oh, the stuffed animals and where to put them! Do you have this problem in your house? I try to limit the number of stuffed animals that are out at any given time, and we have boxes full of them in the basement that we rotate through again and again. I’m not sure how we accumulated so many..?

This wall organizer works well to keep the stuffed animals off of the floor when she’s not playing with them, and it was super-easy (and VERY inexpensive) to make. I used an old pillow case, pockets cut out from old jeans, a stick from our backyard, some twine, and a little fabric glue to put it all together. No sewing!
Emily helped glue the pockets on. If the kids are doing this project, be sure to use fabric glue that is non-toxic and water soluble when wet. Once the glue dries, it makes a permanent bond.


  1. I LOVE that, and there is no sewing so I could actually make it. Now, I have to find some pockets.

  2. MaryAnne says

    Very cute, I love the idea of using pockets from old jeans!

  3. Val in the Rose Garden says

    I think they mate under the beds and have litters of babies. I have had to limit Cyan to 4 (yes I am mean) and Alex only has one now. Logan has only puppets, and a Bob the Builder… that's it in this house for stuffed critters. The two moves helped… esp when I realised that the critters hadn't come out of the boxes the whole 6 months we were in 'hell hold house'. lol! So away they went. With no pitty… to spawn under some other poor souls bed. (Could they have gone to you?)

    I LOVE the idea of wall pockets! I bet Logan would get a bunch of use out of that. I will have to think of where I could put it in their room. 🙂


  4. aprilfoolwed says

    That's cute! We have so many stuffed animals – it's quite overwhelming. Maddie plays with them all the time (and she's 8!), so she has 2 HUGE toyboxes in her room PLUS all the animals on her bed, desk, etc. The boys share one toybox for their animals, and there is one more in the playroom for the animals that live there. 🙂

    We finally ended up buying one of those over-the-door show organizers for all of Maddie's Webkinz. It's the same idea as yours, but not as cute. But it works!

  5. Andrea (ace1028) says

    Seriously, stuffed animals seem to reproduce on their own! Love the idea. I'm not much of a sewer, but maybe I'll try to figure it out!

  6. @ Andrea — It is a no-sew project, so as long as you have fabric glue, you are all set!! 🙂 Ours is holding up beautifully, and the stuffed animals are staying off the floor… yay!!!

  7. Thrifty Living Mom says

    Fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Cardamom says

    I'm seriously going to think of adapting this to hold little girl's shoes! People give us clothing ALL the time, and there's always tons of jeans (besides the jeans the boys outgrow). I have a pile of "go away" clothing right now that probably has 20 pockets just waiting to be used. AND I have old pillowcases… thanks for this very useful tip!

  9. GREAT IDEA! I love it! would be good for Lu's bathroom accesories!

  10. What a great idea with the pockets! I might take so baby and toddler jeans out of the Goodwill pile to make a smaller scale one for all the stray litte toys we accumulate.

  11. @ Sarah — Great idea! We always have a ton of miniature toys around that could use a home too… I love the idea of a small scale version too!