What kind of day is it?

Every morning when Emily wakes up, she greets me with the following phrase — “Hey, do you know what kind of day it is?” The answers range from “Messy Art Day” (my personal favorite) to “Fun Play Day” to “Go to the Beach Day” or (Lord, help me) “Build a Treehouse Day”, all proclaimed with equally annoying delightful squeals of enthusiasm. For the most part, I enjoy indulging her requests as much as possible for two reasons: 1. There is something about her zest for life that persuades me into doing just about anything. and 2. Childhood is such a fleeting stage and I’m trying desperately to make the most of it.

“Today,” Emily proclaimed, “is Dolly’s birthday!” Hmmm… an excuse to bake cupcakes? and sing songs? and have a party on an otherwise dreary rainy afternoon? Well, you don’t have to twist my arm!Β 
We made party hats and invitations.
The cupcakes were lovingly decorated.
Dolly got a present (I wrapped a ribbon around one of Clara’s light-weight blocks).
And cupcakes were enjoyed by all.
Dolly, you little piggy, you!


  1. How adorable!! Looks like she had a wonderful time!

  2. aprilfoolwed says

    This is so cute! But you better be careful – Dolly may have a birthday EVERY day now!

  3. Orange Juice says

    oh that is so cute. I love that she does that.

  4. Mama King says

    I love it! Your daughter has a wonderfully rich imagination! She must get that from her Mama!

  5. @ aprilfoodwed — Oh, I didn't even think of that! I might be in trouble now! LOL

  6. Val in the Rose Garden says

    I think you may be the best mom ever. πŸ˜‰


  7. Stephanie Griffith says

    Cute! We do occasional birthday parties for dolls too. It's a good excuse to eat cake. πŸ™‚

  8. MaryAnne says

    How fun! I'll take any excuse to bake and eat cake πŸ™‚

  9. I'm impressed with your ability to come up with such a fun day on such short notice! I'm so glad you can enjoy your little girl's enthusiasm. You inspire me!

  10. I love how you seem to just go with the flow. Your daughters are very lucky!

  11. Thanks everyone, your comments have made my day!

    @ Denise & Ivy — Thank you, some days are easier than others! πŸ™‚

    @ aprilfoolwed — You were so right. Emily asked for another birthday party for her other doll today! LOL Then she came up with an even better idea (which I'll be posting about later today).

  12. what a wonderful and creative thing to do! its been rainy and dreary here for 2 wks!

  13. @ Sherry — This stretch of rain is starting to drive me insane, but thankfully tomorrow's forecast is looking a lot better. I keep telling myself the rain is good for the garden!

  14. So very fun! I may throw a Dolly Birthday party next week as well!

  15. Capital A- Dorable!!!!!

  16. Darling!!

    Thanskf ro sharing with Friday Showcase!!!

  17. sunnymama says

    How fun! Her enthusiasm sounds fantastic, and how lovely that you help facilitate her plans for the day πŸ™‚