Nature Hike…with a stroller?

In the days before we were inundated with rain, Emily asked if we could go on a nature hike. Normally, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes, but Clara is at that awkward stage of not really walking, but a little too big for a sling. This nature hike would have to involve a stroller. Strollers and nature hikes don’t generally mix too well.

That is, until I remembered about this…
Tucked back at the Wildlands Conservancy is this fabulous, stroller/wheelchair friendly boardwalk-like pathway. I had completely forgotten about it until now, and I plan to visit several more times this summer. I’ll be damned if I let a stroller keep me from enjoying a nature hike!
Aren’t these water bottle holders the cutest? I made one for Emily, and I loved it so much I just had to make one for myself too. I’m not a huge fan of the plastic water bottles, but I think I might have left my beautiful Sigg bottle at a playground. That was a sad, sad day, my friends. This pretty water bottle holder almost makes up for my lost Sigg. Almost. I just followed the instructions here. Very easy and straight-forward. Oh, and I made one for my mom too!

I love how something as simple as time spent outdoors can make her so happy.


  1. I love going for hikes with my kids and I do remember how frustrating it can be with a stroller. My only other suggest is a backpack carrier, but only if you have a strong back and lots of stamina.

    And now you have me looking at another sewing project wondering if I should actually try my hand at it. How tough was that handle step?

  2. What fun! I still remember going on nature hikes when I was a kid. What wonderful memories you are making!

  3. MaryAnne says

    I love stroller-friendly nature paths!

    Your water bottle holders look great! I have that same tutorial flagged in my reader, I want to try it (hopefully before summer's over!)

  4. Thanks for the link with the tutorial, yours look great!

    Something about being outside calms my kids down and turns them into happy and sweet little boys…until I announce its time to go inside. =)

  5. We also found a place where we live that has the same kind of boardwalk for strollers, etc. It really allows us to really enjoy nature with our little ones!!