Look What Came in the Mail!

A few days ago, I signed Emily up for a letter/artwork exchange with a 3 1/2 year old girl named Lu from 4 Crazy Kings. Mama King has a fabulous blog over there, and it is definitely worth checking out. Emily was so excited to receive her letter, and quickly went to work on a special project to mail back to Lu! Hint – it involved paper marbling, one of Emily’s favorite activities.

I thought this was such a terrific, inexpensive, and interactive way to teach children about culture and geography. We quickly pulled out a map so I could show Emily where Lu lives and some other neat facts about their state. It was so much fun! Thank you, Mama King and Lu, for such a fun afternoon!


  1. Great idea!

  2. Mama King says

    Just seeing Emily's face makes me smile! So glad she enjoyed getting a letter. Thanks for linking too.

  3. Val in the Rose Garden says

    That is a wonderful idea! The kids and I use Google Earth to watch where our letters go. There is something really cool about watching as you put in the address and the camera zooms to the grandmas house or somewhere like that. Sometimes you can even see their car in the driveway!

    I love the marbling paper idea. Now that we are getting settled, I am going to have to set that one up.


  4. That is great, I think Elijah would have fun with something like this.

  5. @ Ivy — I wish I came up with it first! Hee hee

    @ Mama King — That's so sweet! Lu's letter went out with today's mail, and I can't wait until she gets to open it! 🙂

  6. @ Val in the Rose Garden — I didn't think about Google Earth, and that is such a GREAT idea! We looked at our house, and you could see Mark's car in the driveway!!

    @ Ally — I'm sure he would like it. What kid doesn't like to get mail?? If you know someone across the country, it's even more fun!

  7. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    That' was such a great idea. Not much money involved either which is great. Trying to entertain teh kids in the summer can get expensive if you don't watch yourself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stephanie Griffith says

    How fun! My girls have a pen pal in another state too. It's the daughter of a kid I went to school with. Their grandma also travels a lot for work and sends postcards. They love getting mail!

    I love the Google Earth idea too.