A Sundress for My Sunshine

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have not used my sewing machine since college and that was a long time ago. *gasp* It’s not that I don’t like sewing, it’s just that I’d rather be knitting or crocheting. When the weather starts to warm up, I find myself wishing that I would just start sewing again. Plus, Emily is in need of some new summer clothes.

Today we were faced with a rainy afternoon and lots of time to kill. While Clara was napping, I dug out the machine from the back of the closet, looked up the manual online (I had to refresh my memory after all those years), and a couple hours later made this little number for Emily with cherry-print fabric. I don’t really sew for myself anymore, but I love sewing for the girls. Their clothes use such little fabric, and the seams are so short that it makes any project go that much quicker. This dress only used 1 yard of fabric!

It’s a little sundress, and since it’s a bit chilly here, she’s modeling it with a sweater over top, but you get the idea. I’m hoping to try something similar for Clara using one of Mark’s old dress shirts. Why stop now, when I’m on a roll? Emily has also requested hair scrunchies to match, and I think that’s a lovely idea, don’t you?
And while I’m at it, maybe some new napkins and placemats to replace our old beat-up looking ones… and perhaps some curtains…. maybe some pillow cases….. oh my!


  1. The dress looks great! I’m impressed you can sew. I’m a bit afraid of my machine!

  2. Mama King says

    Cute dress! I love the matching scrunchie idea. I have been teaching myself to sew over the past 6 months. It gets a bit addictive – you start to see all the possibilities! Glad you dusted off the machine! Hope to see more of your projects in the future!

  3. great job, Valerie!!!
    that’s really impressive. That is a skill that not a lot of us have.
    I’m sure it will be one of her favorite summer dresses! 🙂

  4. Valerie says

    @ Ivy — I can understand the fear of the machine. It is intimidating at first. I recommend starting with no thread and just “sewing” through a sheet of paper to get comfortable with it first. Then, try winding the bobbin, and threading your machine a few times. I know you can do it!!

    @ Mama King — It is addictive, indeed! Especially now that the machine and all the gear is out in the dining room, and not tucked away in the closet. Just getting all that stuff out can be a huge undertaking… not like knitting when I only need two needles and some yarn!

    @ Angel — Thank you so much! I can’t wait to do more, and Emily asked if she could sleep in her new dress tonight. I didn’t let her, but I thought it was cute that she asked. 🙂

  5. Infant Bibliophile says

    You did a beautiful job. How cute that she wants to sleep in it! I need to try making clothes sometime. I love quilting, but have never attempted clothing. I certainly have enough fabric for it.

  6. sunnymama says

    Awww that’s so pretty, and so is your daughter!

  7. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Look at you all getting sewy and stuff! That’s awesome! I love the fabric too. I never used patterns and my kids always wanted me to. I bet she is thrilled with it. 🙂


  8. Jenny Henny says

    did you use a pattern? Love the material!

  9. I did use a pattern… It’s by Simplicity. They say it’s “easy”, but they LIED. I went cross eyed trying to figure it out, but made it work okay!

  10. MaryAnne says

    Emily’s dress looks great! What did you use to finish the neckline?