Slacker Saturday — Paper Boats

For this week’s Slacker Saturday activity, Emily and I made paper boats! She liked decorating hers with crayons, and get this…. they float! For a little while, anyway. At least until the paper becomes too soggy. These are very simple to make, and you start off with a simple paper hat. There are only a couple more folds before it turns into a boat. For more instructions, click here. She was able to follow along with me quite well, but younger kids might need some help. These use regular letter-sized paper, and they are quick and easy to make! Have fun!


  1. EntertainingMom says

    Paper boats are great! Come over and grab your award 😉

  2. Great idea! We’ll have to make these sometime.

  3. bookworm0709 says

    To make them last a little longer, you can dip the bottom of the boats in melted parrafin.

  4. Stephanie Griffith says

    Cool! I’ve always wanted to know how to make these. We’re going to try these today and sail them in our pond.

  5. @ bookworm — That’s a great idea!!

  6. sunnymama says

    Thanks for the instructions! sunnyboy is fascinated with boats at the moment but I’d forgotten how to make these 🙂